Monday, August 31, 2009

H one N one

the Star Online, Published: Monday August 31, 2009 MYT 4:23:00 PM

Parents have been warned not to allow children down with flu-like symptoms to attend school when it reopens on Tuesday after a week’s break.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said students with flu-like symptoms or cough must remain at home until they were free of the symptoms.

“Those with symptoms, even though light, can still spread the virus to others. It is feared if it is spread to high risk groups, serious complications and death can occur,” he said in a statement Monday.

He said teachers must ensure that only healthy students attend classes.

He also said sick students should be sent home or to the clinic for treatment to avoid shut down of classes.

“If this is implemented, it will mean that only healthy students will be in class. Parents will be confident of sending their children without symptoms to school.”

I was wondering...does this "flu thing" only attack students?

Just because we are called "teachers", are we "SUPER HUMAN"?

Healthy students in class but sick teachers, teachers don't spread virus?

Students die cannot...teachers die....all don't go to school....except TEACHERS...because




Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan Ke-52...

1Malaysia....Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Land of No More Turtles...

Holiday is ending soon for me. Partly I am glad because I'm too bored and I find that I really miss my students. Partly I'm sad because I have to follow my normal working days routine, wake up at 5am every more sleeping late and waking up late AND follow the #$%@$% system of my school. *sigh*


PHOTOGRAPHY...I'm crazy about skies/clouds...

skies/clouds @USJ

skies/cloud many cables..

I tried avoiding it but who knows, there's more...actually everywhere

almost without but still can see a tiny bit of the cables...

arghh...I couldn't find any place where I can take a nice picture...without the cables...
whatever-lah....just enjoy the clouds...lovely hot day...

flowers @home

EXERCISING.....with my dumb bells...KETTLER...the trustable and quite cheap brand.

it's only 2kg in KT but it's 3kg in MYY's something that I cannot avoid....too much "space" for pasar Ramadhan..

keropok lekor and pulut lepa...yummy

PLAYING GUITAR...I miss it so much...what more, this guitar brought me many memories.

SURFING....the internet...OK...I admit, I am addicted.


I did not start reading it during this holiday but
I finished reading it this holiday after 2 months...I think...
Quite an achievement for me since I finished reading at least 3 of her books this year.
2 more of her books to go...and in search for 2 more of her books.

I finished it and I will try to do it...must put into practice what had been read..

I've read through once, which had helped me a lot in my life.
I'm reading it again because I think this book is a great reminder for me to be in
the track of God's route...a very good book. I guess I will at least read it through again a few more times until I really get it into my "slow" brain.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post Sharing...before the Infestation

A beautiful early morning was wee in the morning...
after the haze weeks...a fresh air...finally

Now, guess what's that light?

It's fire. Some idiotic neighbour burnt some stuff....right after the haze was cleared...

I have no idea why some people just have no consideration at all.
We have been without fresh air for weeks and breathing the unpleasant smoke
and here some idiots are burning... hey, be thankful a bit lah we are having fresh air nowadays and STOP the STUPID BURNING!!!!

Apa punya manusia yang disangkakan mempunyai otak yang boleh berfikir?


Oh boy....the school has infested my life and my whole body system!

How could that be? I was only there 6 years. It's not very long.

What would happen to me if I were to stay there for 20 years or so??? Help!!

I will be part of the school....they shall take my life away....they shall control my body system....I shall be "zombie" of the school...NOOOO!!!!

Now what happened?

1. Yesterday...I asked the most dumb question.
My ibu asked me to help her with some decorating some booth stuff and my first question was, "Got money or not?".
You see, normally when it comes to some function in my school, they always want the best of everything BUT NO MONEY.
So, I am in a phobia when something need to be done for something and I asked a stupid question.
I only realised it after a while...hey...this is not my school....arghhh!!!

2. Today, I woke up exactly at 5:15am...without my normal alarm.
That's the time I wake up every morning for school. My body alarm worked so well here though I am not even near Miri.
I tried to sleep again but to no avail. I pusing here and there and finally gave up. Read book, and here I am writing this earliest of all my writings.

Gone is my life....*sob sob*

Anyway, here I am again, back in Semenanjung. Haha....finally. I've waited long for it.

Happy holiday everybody!!! (even if you are not having a holiday like us...haha)

the skies from the point of view of USJ's going to rain

a gloomy dark skies

nice view...the best compare to the four....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Day....

I'm not in my sanity of am am writing a little bit of non sense here and now.

A little bit undecided....a little bit excited....a little bit afraid....a little bit sad....a little bit happy.....a little bit of EVERYTHING and every FEELING. my insanity.....would like to present you....errr...whatever that you will read next-lah.

One day, my life will be changed.

One day, everything will be different.

One day, everything will be old and new.

One day, dreams will come through.

One day, He shall reveal all His plans for me in reality.

One day, He will make His promise come through.

One day, everyone I dearly love will all be gone.

One day, will come sooner or later.

One day, is something I wish would come faster and I wish it would come slower too.

One fine day....He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

One day....I will see Him in His glorious and majesty.

One day....will not be what it is today.

One day...will be what it will be one day....One Fine Day...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Holiday is coming real soon.

This holiday, it's not complete like it used to be.

This holiday, will be the first of experiencing a new holiday.

This holiday, is not the same.

This holiday, I dreaded going back but I have to.

This holiday, someone is missing and

This holiday, I am really missing someone.

Life can seems unfair but life is still a gift from God. Whether I like it or not, I am already stuck in a life. Since I have started the race, I might as well finish it well because once you have this life and are running the race, your aim is only finishing the race, reaching the finishing line, in order that you might finally meet the One you love and who loves you a lot.

Imagine finishing the race well, how happy are the face of the One you're gonna meet and how happy are we when we hear Him say, "Well done my daughter/son. You did very well and I am very proud of you. Let's celebrate." :)

Reminding myself...and you.

"Jodoh dan ajal di tangan Tuhan. Biarlah Dia yang menentukan segalanya."

dan nama-Nya tetap dipuji sampai selama-lamanya.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Week of School

I am having phobia of last days of school before the school holiday. I pray it shall never happen again for the rest of my life.

The last week of school will always be extra busy as usual. Last minute meetings will come up and last minute settling of all school work plus many personal stuff to handle; mainly paying off bills and buying Miri stuff to bring back.

Food stocks need to be finished before I go off unless I want to make it a "home" for the moss and bacteria.

House need to be in order, bags need to be packed.'s time time to go back and's time to come back to square one, only waiting for the next holiday.

Life seems so routine for me...and I know have no one and nothing to blame except me.

Ok, change subject.

Beberapa minit yang lalu, saya mendapat tahu bahawa keadaan adalah sama dihampir disemua tempat di dunia ini. Pendidikan khas sentiasa dianak-tirikan oleh pihak sekolah. Seperti yang saya baca dalam sebuah buku oleh Torey Hayden, seorang pakar psikologi pendidikan dan juga guru pendidikan khas di Amerika, saya terkejut kerana beliau juga menulis bahawa kelas beliau tidak mendapat peluang untuk mengambil bahagian dalam perhimpunan sekolah, lakonan, persembahan muzik dan aktiviti-aktiviti lain yang dilakukan oleh pendidikan umum.

Rupa-rupanya, manusia tetap manusia. Hanya kulit sahaja yang membezakan seseorang. Hati semuanya sama sahaja. Jika tiada sesiapa yang menghargai kita, kita sendiri haruslah menghargai diri kita. Jika tiada sesiapa yang memotivasikan kita, kita sendiri harus memotivasikan diri kita.

Inilah kehidupan di dunia yang sebenarnya tidak mempunyai kehidupan.

Semuanya hidup dalam dunia fantasi tanpa menyedarinya.

Hanya Tuhan sahajalah realitinya.

Walau apapun keadaannya, saya ingin sentiasa mengingati diri saya dan juga orang lain bahawa saya bersyukur kerana dikurniakan peluang untuk melayani di tempat yang masyarakat menganak-tirikan dan saya bersyukur kerana mempunyai hati yang boleh mengasihi anak-anak ini yang bagi masyarakat, tidak berguna dan tidak menyumbangkan apa-apa kepada negara dan masyarakat.

Ketahuilah bahawa melalui anak-anak khas inilah Tuhan menunjukkan kita apa erti kasih-Nya
dan melalui anak-anak khas inilah kita dapat menyebarkan kasih Tuhan.

Tuhan maha berkuasa dan maha mengetahui.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

UPdate on a Lazy Saturday...

Someone is just so lazy to do what she's supposed to do and came up with these....

@0932 hours

@0932 hours

@0933 hours...almost cloudless

@1101 hours...beautiful clouds with sun above it

@1101 hours ... I just love taking pictures of's so lovely.

@1101 hours...God, the creator of heaven and marvelous
but...seems like it's going to rain...again...I hope..

And all these is called... "Procrastination of a Girl" ...lady...woman...whatever...

Good Morning?

It was pouring last night and early in the morning BUT....

How come the air is not as fresh as it should be?

Skies were not as blue as it should be and I still could smell a "tiny weeny" of smoke.

@0730 doesn't look that good & it doesn't smell that good either.

@0730 hours...the blurry sun

@0730's look only ok...but doesn't have that fresh look.

@0741 hours...ok...I was not satisfied with the skies...
I took another photo to prove what I saw was wrong
but it was the same...

@0741 hours


It's always good to give thanks unto the Lord....and look at the bright sight of things.

Thank you for the rain.

Thank you that the haze is almost gone....just a little little bit more.

Thank you that I do not need to wear mask which was quite troublesome.

Thank you that today is another brand new day to start with You.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank God It's Raining!





Above : the skies is brighter than the rest of the pictures...that's lightning..

the white dots are not snow, it's rain....

It's raining....after weeks of dry and haze season....

Haze...It's Chipsmore...

Now you see and now you don't.

That's the haze situation here in Miri.

Yesterday late evening was haze free, then later in the night, it came back.

This morning, it was horrible at my housing area but when I reached school, I realised it rained. So it was haze free in school area.

Now, it's haze free. At least I could air my room a little.

I'm waiting for the day to go back to matter what...Penisular is my home sweet home.

It's never the same and just like this Earth, I'm just passing through....

There is still discrimination that falls upon us, Penisularian....I feel so sad.

It's never easy being in a mission field where definately you experience hatred and dissatisfaction by the people of that land.

When we are not wanted and needed and not welcomed, we move on.

I will move fine day.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Day of Life

@0625 hours...a beautiful sunrise with no haze

It's the riots of life again.

When peace finally starts to reign...the devil is in no peace, so he creates riots of life.

Finally, it rained last night. Though not heavy but it did help clean the skies but
it ended with my car being full of dirt due to dirty and not-so-heavy rain.
Thank God it rained anyway.

Is that true? I think it's partly true. Do not always blame others because I think I have my own weaknesses that contributes to the riots of life.

@0625 hours...haze free, smell free...finally.

My wrong was not in being angry but my wrong was having hatred, which is so not Christ-like. I am always thankful to God for sending me reminder through someone, my sis. Though I knew her for not a very long time but she had been a blessing to me. I believe it was not a coincident that we met, but I always believe that she is God-send.

My wrong was being so emotional rather than seeking guidance from God. I trusted myself more than I trusted God or rather I forgot about Him at that very moment of anger.

My weakness was, not being able to mind my own business and shut my mouth, but always trying to fight for the rights of Special Education and my "kids". Sometimes I wonder, "Why should I care so much and take the risk of being the "bad" person in my school?". Is it worth it? Nobody cares anyway, so, why should I? But, being me, I CARE for my students. Don't treat us like rubbish. You will reap what you sow. You treat us like rubbish, one day, you will be treated like rubbish as well. We never know when shall be our turn in life.

@1355 and clear skies

What did I learn from the whole thing?

Patience has it's limit but, I still need to maintain it that it will not reach the peak like it did yesterday.

This is a cruel world and we need to survive in it not by our own might, but His.

Christians are not PERFECT, that's why we need God.

"Hold on, child, hold on. It will not be long till it's all over...,"said the Lord.

Treat people with respect. No one is higher than the other no matter what position and power you have because we are no different. I fart, so do you. I shit, so do you. (*forgive me for my use of words)

"You do what you need to do, and let me take care of the rest," said the Lord.

You are high above the heavens.

Life is such and I am always reminded to learn something out of every situation especially those not so good ones where my weakness always over rule me.

In good times, thank Him,
In bad times, thank Him,
In no time, thank Him,
In such time, thank Him,
In all time, thank Him.....

Me & my student. It was his last day in this school today. He'll be moving to another town.
He has been with us since 2004. I will definately miss him because I saw him grow from 13 to 19.
How could I not miss him?
One day when I moved, I will miss my "kids" a lot. I love them dearly. That's why my heart hurts when some idiots treated them like rubbish to be thrown here and there.
How cruel human who called themselves "C.h.r.i.s.t.i.a.n" can be....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Old Story and New Story..

The OLD story....

The haze is still bad....not much changes...

The air at 0636 hours.

The air @ 0805 hours.

Strong wind was blowing, the haze is less. @1430 hours.
As usual, the air at this area is not as bad as the other side.

@1445 hours...wind were still quite strong plus tiny drops of rain.
It's not easy doing rain seedling.
So, I don't blame the authority. They tried.

@ 1448 hours. The dark skies with strong winds but still no side of rain.
The tiny drops of rain stopped by the time I reached my house.

Now...the NEW story.....

My 2nd attempt of baking a bread.

No bread maker used in the attempt, just hand mixer.

Finally, almost successful...a little bit more and it shall be almost perfect.

At least it's tastier and edible this time more try, soon...

It's a modified version by Me, the super crazy chef famous for modifying recipes...haha..

So, what bread is this?

It's Cho-co-bu-ra Bread.

Haha...figure it out yourself...