Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME !

I'm blogging today for the sake of memories, with the date that will mean a lot to me because it shall be my last birthday with number two in the front. Haha... I'm getting older each day. Well, everyone is getting older each day. No one is getting younger. What matters now is, how am I living my life so far? Did I do anything all these years? Was I idling around all these years? As the year goes by, I should be living even a better life, a life worthy of His calling. A life where my Father would not be ashamed of me. A life that would be pleasing to Him. A life that is all about Him.

A birthday gift from my SE colleagues

I'm beginning to learn to set my priority right. I need to know what matters and what is not. I must not focus too much on this world, career, money, property and people's strange characters. What matters now is God and God alone and all the people around me. Yes, people and not their character. I need to learn to look at them from God's view, not matter how horrible and cruel they may be in the human's view. God still love them.

Joy is a gift from God. No one, nothing can ever rob me from the joy God has given me. Human can hurt our hearts and our body but they can never take away that joy from us. SMILE !!! BE HAPPY!!! BE JOYFUL !!!! BE THANKFUL!!! Because I have Jesus living in me and He will always be with me through thick and thin of life.

It's no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me
He lives, He lives
Jesus is alive in me...

What more should I ask of Him? And why should I not rejoice and be glad? People might be jealous of me, people might say many things about me, people might just hate me for who-knows-what, I might not be promoted because I am lousy at the art of "carrying someone's butt" and for me who works behind the scene with a work that not many people want to do, all these are not important anymore because all these are just worldly stuff, and the fact that when all these happens, Jesus is still living in me, Jesus still died for my sins, Jesus still has greater plans.....why should I be sad for not important things? Why should I worry, why should I be so down hearted?? Jesus still lives in me.

For this reason, I believe that no one and nothing can ever take that joy away from me. I should let nothing and no one take that joy away from me... SMILE !!! Even when there's storm in the darkest of night.... can you ?

Just remember what God has done for us...set your priority right and we will be able to SMILE!!! =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Introducing to you... JILLIAN MICHAELS

She's new to me but I am impressed by her. I just got to know a little bit about her that I needed to know...she's a fitness trainer if I am not mistaken. She was a fat girl once upon a time when she was in her youth and she lost 60 pounds. Read more about her from the website below.... I'm not going to cut and paste it....or maybe I should....hmm... Plus I am going to post a few pictures here found through Yahoo's for your viewing on the fitness part only and it has nothing to do about what is beyond that. So, be more open minded...duh...

From the January 2009 Issue

Meet your trainer Some people are genetically blessed with flat abs. Fitness pro Jillian Michaels, 34, is not one of them. In fact, by eighth grade, the 5-foot-2 Los Angeles native had reached 175 pounds, thanks in large part, she says, to an unhappy relationship with food, passed down to her from her dad. "It seemed the only way my father knew how to relate to me was through food, so we'd have ice cream and huge bowls of popcorn," Michaels says. As her waistline grew, her self-esteem shrank. She hit rock bottom at age 13, when she was kicked out of a martial arts class for sneaking in Cheetos. "At the time, I was so angry at my instructor, but then I realized he was right. So the next week, I went back and was like, 'OK, I'm ready!' Suddenly I went from the kid in school who everyone would make fun of to the kid in school who could break two boards with her right foot. I felt empowered for the first time," says Michaels, who went on to not only earn her black belt but also shed an astonishing 60 pounds. Now the 115-pound Biggest Loser motivator works out four to five hours a week to stay strong inside and out. "Fitness is not about six-pack abs," she says. "It's a tool to help you reinvent yourself. It's about exercising your greatness, feeling the full potential of your power and reaching it with no shame." Those abs? They're a little bonus.

Articles above taken directly from here...

She is really good and I bet like others, they have extreme exercise and I bet she does boxing too based on her pictures.

Pictures of her..courtesy of whoever took the photo. Thank you!

Just look at her