Friday, October 29, 2010

Blessed Belated 2nd Anniversary to all3's Corner of Life


21 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

63 days left for 2010

I'm so into my own life and other people's life, that I almost forget about the anniversary of my corner.

This blog has been part of my life here on earth. Through many ups and downs of it, I just have no heart to get rid of it. I've tried once to stay away from blogging due to some misunderstanding caused, and it lasted only a month, with so much temptation in between.

Even until now, I have no ultimate answer as to "Why do I blog?". I really can't give anyone an answer to it but if you really want an answer, it' simply because I would love to share some part of my thoughts and life with the world...hehe. What you get here is just PART of it.

I'm happy when I get to write even though my English sucks. Do I really care? Yeah, I do but another part of me says, "Who cares?!" as long as you understand, I understand...communication achieved. I find that it's ok to make mistakes, we are not perfect people after all, especially me.

All my hope and prayers is, this blog shall be a blessing to others reading it, and most of all, it shall forever bring glory and honour unto Him. I owe Him everything.

May this corner be a place of memory of me that will be forever here, even after I am gone from this world. Good and not-so-good, it shall be remembered.

Blessed 2nd Anniversary...of yeah...Belated to all3's Corner of Life!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apa Tu?


Done with PTK (last chance)...susah...susah...

29 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

71 days left for 2010

Oh no! Only left 29 days before the Cambodia medical mission?? Arghh...I've yet to do my job. By hook or by crook, I must finish it by this weekend. Hehe...this is call "procrastination". Bad...really bad. I need someone to really push me and give me strict deadline.


I've been thinking. Moving to a new place either to a new working place, or state or school or country or anywhere new, it's not going to be easy for some, maybe most people. I could feel the stress some people faced. Being in their shoes, I think I would be really stress too. Why not, especially after staying put in a place for such a long time. would I take it in the new school when I move in 2 years time? I wonder, but there's only one thing I can do, trust in Him.

Might not be easy the first few months, but want it or not, for the sake of the God and the children, mission must go on. Call it "perseverance". Being in this school without much proper knowledge, I'm quite afraid to go to a good school because being a very passive person, I don't like to hear or "hear" this, "Cikgu dah lama bekerja, masih tak tahu apa-apa lagi?". Aiyoh, so memalukan, but it's not all my fault. I've tried to learn many things with the limited resources we get from Kuching or even the kementerian. How to know anything when kita dianaktirikan?

Well, that's not the issue...the issue is aiyoh, very stress. hehehe...

We'll just see what happen to me in 2 years time..haha...I'm curious too!


When can I go to New Zealand ? Or England? Or America?

I've been dreaming it for ages...this is what I don't like because this is the time I'm being not content.
Only wishing I had more $....haha...but seriously...if I don't get to go before I leave this earth, it's fine with me.

It's just a wish...that have the possibility of anything...hehe...

Enough of non-sense.

Only to look forward to the next session of Reading Bus!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Feast


Done with PTK (last chance)...susah...susah...

33 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

75 days left for 2010

Feasting time with friends today.

Time is running fast. I realised, there is roughly a month left before the school year finishes for year 2010 and roughly two and a half month left before year 2010 finishes.

The highlight dish : Bought by me, "killed" by Elaine, cooked by Aminah's mom, eaten by ALL.
Bought this crab at RM18 per kg @E-mart.

'Siput sedut' bought from E-mart at RM3 per packet

I'm done with my last PTK exam and the last for all civil servants, and I wonder what non-sense will they come up with. *sigh* Just wait and see. Who cares? I've done my best and no matter what, I'm simply doing it for His glory and honour.

Reading Bus : Me with Jaina..she's quite good, I let her read Lady Bird series 12b.

Next, Reading Bus!! Second session was better than the first session because we already knew what we needed to do and right after our PTK exam, we zoomed to Tudan for Reading Bus. Hehe...see how semangat we are with Reading Bus. It was marvelous and I bet everyone had fun, the children and the volunteers. I was so into it, that I did not feel hungry despite eating only half bun, a few pieces of biscuits and some milk since morning till evening....but not until the whole session ended...oh head is throbbing, giving me clue that I need we went to Double Star. It was a good fellowship as well with my friends who went to Reading Bus as well.

This kid is cute...look at the way he says the word 'I'...hehe

I wished I am able to finish the whole 6 sessions but *sigh*, I could not as I'll be back in my hometown. So sad...but it's ok, there will more chances next year, I hope, by His will. Now, I know how fun it is to be part of Reading Bus. I'm loving it! (Not McDonald's..hehe) Looking forward to more next year and years to come.

Food and more food...a feast.

PS: Source of photo of Reading Bus, FB of Wendy Tiong...thank you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fun of 10.10.10


5 days to PTK (last chance)

40 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

82 days left for 2010

Opening ceremony of Gereja Methodist Tudan (GMT)

In just 12 days, many things had happened. Time passes by real fast that I did not have the time to sit down and ponder on all the things and events and people that passed through my life.

Youth and children in choir during the opening of GMT

Finally, I'll be taking my PTK again in 5 days time and I'm not in the crazy mood to study anymore, like I once used to do. Why? Because I realised that EVERYTHING is in the hands of God.

Birthday girls and boy of Small Group cum house warming

My intention was really wrong...I was almost dying to get 4 4 for my PTK...and God showed me how in control is He in my life. Now, I know that I do it because I need to honour Him and glorify HIm in all that I do, that include my PTK exam too. He comes 1st and everything else, No. 2.



I GOT IT....

He doesn't want just my service, BUT what He wanted most from me, is simply ME!

He doesn't want just your service, BUT what He wanted most from us, is simply US!

Baked beef me :)

I've been doing and doing and doing and thinking I was in the right track because...yeah...I was serving Him in so many ministries, I could not go wrong...BUT....I was all the while very very wrong. It's not how MANY ministries, it's how MUCH time I spent with Him.

Now, I really fully understand the saying, "Prayer is the WORK, ministry is His GIFT".

Food and more food...

We believe in an Almighty God...the Maker of Heaven and Earth. In ministry, He does not even need us in order to get what He wants done, He can do it all by Himself....BUT...with His children, that is us...He does not force us to spend time with Him but how His heart longs for us to come to Him and spend quality time with Him. This is something we need to be willing to do...because our Father does not force Himself on us, He gives us choice.

Nothing more to be said...I know my priority in life....

I know what it means to live...

I'm so happy to finally know the truth of it all....

Oh, surely God is in control of ALL situation...surrender all unto Him, set your priority right and watch His blessing in your life...

Missed shall watch your blessing passed by....

Be on alert....

My "kacang".... the kerang masak me :)