Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank You!


52 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

94 days left for 2010

"Be thankful in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (New Living Translation)

I am learning this. No matter how bad a situation may seems to be or how illogical for our brain...give thanks, because we've got to walk our talk when we say that God is in control of all situation. In reality, He is in control of ALL situation.

Instead of asking "Why?" , ask "What....?"

Whatever that happened, already happened and you can't turn back time.

It's all by His will that it happens and there be a reason for everything that happens.

Learn from it...

Be thankful...for everything and in everything.... =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suo Sdey, Kampuchea!


Done with Cambodia (
TCF)...it was more than Grreeeaatttt!!

58 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

100 days left 4 me to meet the person

Now let's talk a bit about Cambodia.

It was all about 1st TCF Cambodia Conference with a total of 41 conferees attended. Though there were quite many of us from TCF Malaysia but it does not feel or look like many. I don't really know where to start and how to actually share this trip but I do have many things to thank God for, for this whole Cambodia trip.

Nowadays, I do not really get over excited or anxious over any of this mission trips be it local or oversea. One reason because I think we've prayed enough and I now know that every trip is a God-trip. Meaning, it's nothing about us and it's everything about Him. He will get done what He wants done. I do what I can and needed to do, just be present and pray...pray...pray. I consider all done. Even if it does not, He has a purpose for it and all shall be ok one way or another. Can I call this a total surrender?

Thank God 1st and foremost, His provision. He provided lots of stuff for us to bring there. We are so blessed to be able to bring blessing to them. He is indeed Jehovah Jireh.

Thank God for the safe journeys and good health (no one got sick when we were in Cambodia). Everyone was healthy and energetic till the very last day.

Thank God for safe entry into Cambodia and out of Cambodia especially when through the custom. In total, we only "lost" one old conference bag and 2 bar of soap. Wonderful!

Thank God for the wonderful weather. It was not as hot as last year and there were not many insects as last year too. I had wonderful, blissful and peaceful sleep every night without needing to wake in the middle of the night to go to toilet.

Thank God for the clean water we had this time round. Everything was so perfect.

Thank God for each and everyone of the team member who played their role so so very very well. Your sharing touched me instead. I am humbled.

Thank God for all the delicious food we had from the beginning to the end especially the coffee...oh no!! I'm almost addicted to coffee. Nooo..!!!

Thank God for listening to all our prayers...You've answered each and everyone of them, Lord. You did not say "No" to any single one of them.

Thank you, Lord for this privilege to be among the "giants" of TCF Malaysia....saya budak (not so budak already..hehe..) baru belajar, kalau silap tolong tunjukkan.

Thank God for the chance to finally be at Angkor Wat! ...hehe...Finally, I was there...nothing much but since everyone is talking about it. Now, I can talk about it too....oh yeah...minus the sunset. We missed that. Hehe..it's ok. I'll be going again...hehe...

Lord, thank You for this kingdom of Cambodia...

And thank you, Lord, for the next chance to be in this land....

Here I come again, Kampuchea!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reading Bus is in Miri!!


Done with Cambodia (
TCF)...it was more than Grreeeaatttt!!

61 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

103 days left 4 me to meet the person

The Reading Bus
Suo sdey!

It's here, it's finally here!!!

Today we launched the Reading Bus at Gereja Methodist Tudan. I am as excited as the leader, Uncle Richard. I'm really looking forward to the 1st session this early October.

The Reading Bus which runs Alpha Village, and it's all a community project of Bethany Ministries..hehe...I'm just writing down what's written on the vehicle...real cool!

Boy oh boy! I really hope this is the not the feeling of 'new broom sweeps clean'. Though I know I will not be able to be involved from the beginning to the end of it but as many as I could get involve in, I would.

Simply beautiful...

Some people were not very happy with this decision of mine for taking up Reading Bus because in order for me to take up Reading Bus, I need to let go a few ministries. I know my limit and I know where my heart is, and I know that if God says no, I would not be able to go any further in this ministry.

Thank you very much, Ps Cheli and everyone else, for The Reading Bus no.2..
See the green box inside?
There's where some of the books will be...it's really lovely...

Talking about the many ministries, needs are everywhere, and I can't be everywhere. Am I making the right choice or am I following too much of my own desires? But, teaching, that's what I love to do..what more...it's English, something which I am losing out each day because no one really speak English here. Next, it's reading....I'm quite good at it...hehe...not that I want to show off but between reading and writing, I'm better of reading. I love every bit of it.

Last but not least...when I saw this...in Miri...wow...I'm so proud of it.
TCF - Teachers' Christian Fellowship...
Teachers Changing Future

Whatever it is or whatever people want to say....I am still looking forward to it. *grin* :D

I'm happy with this decision I have made. I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Back!!!


Done with Cambodia (
TCF)...it was more than Grreeeaatttt!!

62 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

104 days left 4 me to meet the person

Suo sdey!

I'm finally back in my Corner of Life...hehe...

There was just too many things to do especially with moving house and getting ready for Cambodia mission by TCF and also a little by GMC. Until now I have yet to really get some real rest. I was tired and sick, today, I am still tired and not feeling too well, but by His grace, I am still able to move on with life...hehe...

I was over excited today when pastor's wife told me the "Reading Bus" is here (in the church), parked at the side of the church...there he sits, No. 2. Beautiful and what excites me more was....the colourful box....it's inside the "bus"....even more beautiful. I am really looking forward to the start of this reading bus even though I missed 2 of the session by Ps Cheli. There must be some reason why God made it happened...hmm....wonder why.

Anyway, I wish I could drive the "bus" but I do not know how to drive one. It's ok. I'll just be the follower of the "bus". Oh yeah, by the way, for you who do not know, it's actually not a bus. It's actually just a 4WD vehicle...hehe...but it's real cool.

Tomorrow will be the opening ceremony of the "Reading Bus" at Tudan Methodist Church. Should I be there? Hmm...I must be there...I'm just so syok sendiri.

Today, I'm not sharing about the Cambodia trip...yet...I'll save it for another time...because I need to get ready for my next trip to Cambodia. Work starts now!

But...Cambodia mission by TCF was really good. God had been working right before everything started and I was actually quite confident that He will work wonderfully throughout the whole conference. He did and I am impressed.

To Him be the glory!