Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Greyish Aprilish

Why grey? Because grey is the combination of white and black. It's exactly what life in school is for me right at this moment. White represent "nothing" and black represent "everything". Nothing is good about this school and everything is terrible, horrible and vegetable in this school.

The longer I stayed on in this school, the greyish it become. What happened to the theme of the school..LOVE & SERVE? It has been there to collect dust. No one really knows the meaning of it. There ain't ever any LOVE in this school, just love for more money, love for more power, love for more fame and love of self. There ain't no SERVE attitude in this school, just serve the rich and high ranking Very Idiotic People and serve only those whom you think you can gain something out of them.

Money, money, money...showing off...pride....cruelty...harsh...discrimination....butt carrying...greedy...misused of power...lying...hypocrites...etc....Welcome to this school!

What is the use of Bible Knowledge class when you treat the Word as just merely words that are dead? Get real !

Welcome to this school ! But I never ever welcome you into this %#%$&*@ school. Get out! Before it's too late....it needs a major repair of the heart and soul. Only God knows what's happening in it. God bless this school! But I'm out!