Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Josiah!

This piece was written after I visited him for the 2nd time at HKL. It has been a year since that day...I still could not understand but that night, God gave me this...

Sweet, sweet Josiah...

Though your eyes were not fully opened,
yet it shows the love God is showering upon you.

Though your hands did not move,
yet it holds the promises of God.

Though you can't walk,
yet you walk the grace of God.

Though you are all wired up,
yet your heart beats the heart of God.

Though it has been a long time,
yet you tick the time of God.

Though we could not see you smile,
yet you smile the smile of angels.

Though you are pushed around,
yet you prove the faithfulness of God.

Though you never knew me,
yet you show me God.

Though you never know what future holds for you,
yet your fragile body prove of God's great future for each one of us.

Sweet, sweet Josiah...

I will never forget what you had taught me in your silence.

Sweet, sweet Josiah!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lost Gained

The lost years
Was something I do not want to remember
But at times I am reminded of it
Tears flow through the very inner most of my heart

The lost years
I will never forget
Because it was something that changed my life
And crushed my heart to pieces

The lost years
I must not forget
It was there to help me grow
Into who I am today

The lost years
Where I tasted His grace and mercy
Though I was not worthy of it
Yet He added love into the above

The lost years
Reminded me of who I was
Broken, filthy, bruised, helpless
But a hand stretched out to this me

The lost years
Was somehow gained
Because He made me appreciate who I am today
By giving me this second chance to live

The lost years
Must not be forgotten
It was who I was before that made me who I am today
Simply by Him who never gave up on me

The lost years
Was claimed back by Him
Through the blood that He shed
On that day He died on the cross

For YOU and for ME!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sva Kom Mok Kampuchea!

Welcome to Kampuchea!

I'm really happy to be back to this land that touched my heart. Being back to Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and Killing Fields for the 3rd time never tires my soul. I was sad and could never understand why and how can they be so cruel, and I still could not even until now, but this time, every single step, every single view, strengthen my heart to do all I could for the people of this land, knowing God's favour will rest upon this land, upon every hearts.

Clicking the most pictures in my 31 years of life (about 2000) is such an experience and though it tired out my fingers, hand and shoulder, I rejoiced with every opportunity I had to be able to capture almost every precious moment on this land, the Reading Bus, the children, the life, the older generation, the scenery, food and anything that I was in time to capture.

The children's faces is what I enjoyed capturing the most. Such lovely and sweet faces even though they were actually quite covered with dust. When I see the children, how could my heart not have any feelings? The future of Cambodia lies in them and the future starts now.

One way was through the Reading Bus! I'm almost all for Reading Bus anywhere in the world especially where poverty strikes. Oh, the unspeakable joy I had when I saw the book chest being opened during the launching right in front of all the children in the village, when the Reading Bus tuk tuk was ridden words could I speak but I would say, "Smile speaks a million words too". At least for me at that very moment. I'm so glad to be able to play a small part in this Reading Bus in Cambodia.

My heart sank when I saw the Diamond Bridge where stempete happened last November while we were in Cambodia on medical mission. It brought back memories where people were so happy during the afternoon when we were at the water front but the tragedy happened in the night, while we were celebrating Water Festival at the Methodist Bible School. Almost 400 people died, some missing and some injured. Memory of a mother who were waiting for her child to be found in the hospital stayed fresh in my mind. Never know what happened to her and her child. I was really silent during the Mekong River cruise that night, simply enjoying the breeze while remembering that very incident.

Shopping was always craziness for many but not me, especially this time. I bought more for others rather than me, myself and I. I think I had enough, ok...more than enough. I'm just simply happy to see them happy with all the stuff they bought.

Oh yes...before I forget. Remember Tay Naro? It was such a blessing, privilege to be able to be in his new house after the old house was burnt down. Listening to his testimony, I am so amazed by the goodness and faithfulness of God, and I'm humbled by such huge faith they have in God. Simple, down-to-earth, godly, gentle, quietly zealous...this is just few words to describe Ps. Tay Naro.

Cry no more, Killing Fields....

Cry no more, Toul Sleng prison....

The Lord, our God will bring victory upon this land. He will pour His grace and mercy...He will fill it up with love and peace....

Cry no more....

HOPE is coming...!

Kampuchea, you shall always be in my heart!

No, I will never forget you till death/Alzheimer do us part!