Monday, September 26, 2011

A Place Called Bario!

It was a dream come true...

Finally, I'm up in Bario....though it was only for the weekend plus our flight was delayed. We only had exactly 24 hours in Bario due to the delay, but God was very good.

It has been raining daily in Miri and when the day finally arrived, we were afraid that our flight might be cancelled or we might not be able to come back on Sunday itself back to Miri.

But we got to Bario safely with a nice, cool and lovely skies, not sunny, and yet not gloomy. It was just perfect.

As we reached the arrival hall at the airport, Mr Harriss picked us up and we had a great ride back to Nancy & Harriss Homestay.

With a hungry and grumpy stomach, I waited impatiently for Aunty Nancy to get lunch ready. When food was served, "Wow!" was such a sumptuous meal. I had 3 servings of delicious and smooth texture Bario rice. Aunty Nancy is a great cook.

After lunch, we were off exploring Bario. I had 2 mission to accomplish: to meet up with Seluma and to get the wooden board. Only one accomplished, met up with Seluma and gave her some stuff for her Penan kids.

We walked all the way to e Bario and back to Bario Asal, took lots of photo along the way. I am so amazed with Bario. Never thought of it as a more than lovely place with more than lovely and friendly folks. It's always so good to get away from the bustling city with 1001 pollution.

We went back to our homestay at almost 6pm if I am not mistaken. Sorry, I have not been wearing watches, so I have no idea what was the time. All I know, we got back, in time to have our cold cold bath and in time for dinner.

Oh yes....I will never forget this. Y2K mini market, don't ever want to go there again. So super unfriendly among the friendly folks of Bario. We were customers and she can make such a sour face and I consider rude for their well-known gentle attitude. So, make me wonder if she is Kelabits or even the locals of Bario.

Dinner was super great too. The weather was getting colder. We had a wonderful fellowship in the living room among us. My head was throbbing but it was too good to take medicine and sleep at such an early hour in Bario. So, we ate and talked, some were busy taking photos and all.

We finally slept at I have no idea again what was the time. We slept. It was cold but I felt a little stuffy because all the windows and the door was closed. Actually, I was so tempted to sleep at the living room but eventually, I slept after popping in 2 panadol soluble.

We woke up to a beautiful misty morning. I had my cold cold cold bath and actually enjoyed it very much. The water was so cold it felt like bathing ice water. Quickly packed my stuff, took my book and my tablet, opened the door and sat at the veranda.

I realised I woke up too late to enjoy the morning alone. Everyone was awake after I was outside., again, it was a fellowship time.

When I went to the kitchen, I was glad and surprised to see Mr Harriss was getting ready to cook breakfast for us. Again, I saw pineapple!! Haha...every meal we will have pineapple.

Breakfast was cooked by Mr Harriss and boy, Mr Harriss is a good cook as well...surprised, surprised! It was our last meal at Bario. I had mixed feeling that morning, knowing I will be leaving Bario soon.

I did not want to leave Bario but I had to. After breakfast, both, Mr & Mrs Harriss brought us to their pineapple plantation by their Hilux. Another great journey. So lovely I have not enough vocabulary to describe them. On the way there, with the condition of the road and when I saw a man made bridge using logs, it brought me back to Pa Adang. I miss Pa Adang very much too, but sad I could not go this time.

Then, we were very quiet when we were on our way to the airport...if not them, me. I really wish I could stay a little longer in Bario. I miss Bario, I miss the homestay, I miss the food, I miss the fellowship we had among us and with Aunty Nancy. I miss the people there.

It was goodbye...but it will not be the first and the last. I will be back in Bario!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unjokingly Old

Happy Belated 8th Anniversary to me!

This is officially my 8th year in Miri and also in my vocation as an educator.

Although I am very sad that I could forget about some thing this important, but at least I finally remember it.

It's not about celebrating it on my own but every year, I would give God the glory and this year, I'm doing the same.

I give You, Father, all the glory for all these years that You were with me through thick and thin in this mission field and in this vocation. I will not be blinded by so many demands of other ministry and forgo this main calling of mine. I will forever hold on to this calling until it is all done and move on.

You have been faithful and Your goodness, there never seem to be an end to it.

To God be the glory!

You are the best!