Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Your Enemies...

I'm reminded about the sermon in my church last week about loving our enemies and asking us to pray for them. It's never an easy thing to do especially when someone had betrayed you, hurt you so much and causes so much trouble in your once peaceful life and what more if what they did leave an effect for the rest of your life. How could you possibly forgive someone like that? God commanded us to love and pray for our enemies.

I know that command long ago but it took me years to finally accept and practice that command. When we think of our "enemies", we must remember about our own self. We are just like an "enemy" of God because we hurt God whenever we sin but yet He never gave up on us. He continued to love us and waiting each day for us to turn back to Him and when we run back to Him, He never even mentioned about what we had done that hurt His very heart. "He keeps no records of our wrong..." He forgave our sins when He send His only Son Jesus to die on the cross. He Forgave us even before we sin...He knows.

That's why we need to forgive our "enemies" and pray that they shall one day be our brothers and sisters. God created all of us and we are all His children. He loves each and everyone of us. If God can forgive a sinful person like us, why are we not able to forgive our "enemies"? "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord".

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today...just like any other days

I've been reading a few blogs today. I wish I can really sit down and write something but in the end, I felt so lazy. Tomorrow will be my class year end party. I hope and pray everything will turn out well. Everything done for the sake of my beloved students. I'll miss them a lot this school holiday.

It's a busy week...this week...everything done at the last minute before the school holiday. Tomorrow.. lunch, Friday..combined cell (can't remember everything I read in Matthew), Saturday..GB, guitar practice, dinner, Sunday..duty on refreshment. Next meeting to hold, many phone calls to make, memos to write, "clearing stock" for year end, preparing for a new school session 2009. Wow...time really flies. It shows how much older I'm getting each day. It's proven by the increasing number of white hairs I have.

Next year will be my 6th year in Miri and also in teaching. I haven't achieved much yet. I mean I have not really done anything yet. I have so many plans that are yet to be carried out. In the end of the day, I did none from my plans but did many things not in my plan. *sigh* Maybe that's how God guides me. Well, above all, everything is done for His glory.

When I have more time...I hope...I'll write some issues I've come about and had been thinking.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Opening of Corner's

Today mark the 1st day of my blogging activities. Let's just see how long I can last with this blogging thingy. I've seen so many people using this blogging, looks interesting to me. Maybe in future I could share lots of my weird, nuts, boring, dreamy and my thinking, thinking mind. Cool... Nothing much today, I've been staring at this screen since 5pm..but of course got break in between lah. I need to get back to my guitar practice. Didn't touch it since last practice on Saturday afternoon. Need to...need to...soon...soon....