Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thou Shall Speak!

In the midst of it all
Trying so hard to be positive
Putting up a high spirit
Trying so hard to learn
With all the ability given me
I thought He called
He will also equipped
I believe so strongly
Living up to it so confidently.

Then not long
All came crushing down
With words unheard
But voices so loud and clear
"What are you doing here?"
Was all my heart hears
Though it was not spoken
But the meaning I caught it.

My spirit was crushed
My heart was broken
My mind went spinning
To speak or not to speak
Silence was my choice
Because I know He knows
I did this all for His sake.

Then He reminded
I will always be with you
Never will I leave you
Nor forsake you
Lift your spirit up
For you have few days to go
He is my strength
He is my provider.

I learn
Word hurts
How you say it
Hurts even more
Because I am also human
With feelings
Just like you
If you have forgotten.