Sunday, June 27, 2010

Helper @ Work !


Done with St Joe Teachers' Day

Done with mission to SMK Suai, Miri

0 day to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

26 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

34 days to 7th year

71 days to Cambodia (TCF)

145 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

187 days left 4 me to meet the person

St Joe Teachers' Day was the worst in my life history in this school. It does not sound nice for me to say this here but let us not deny the fact of it. Everything was done in a hurry with no sense of appreciation at all. No reading of ikrar hari guru, no singing of hari guru's songs, no photos taken...all we had was our kain batik and food. Should I complain? The answer is "NO". Why? Because nothing done for men will last but, what is done for Christ, that's what matters most and it shall last for eternity. It's not the reward of men that we are seeking but, simply just to bring glory unto Him through our calling as teachers. Praise be unto Him who had given us everything we do not even deserve.

My highlight for today...mission to SMK Suai. In this floating mind, throbbing head and flu that almost subside, I eagerly want to share with you how the Holy Spirit had been working so greatly in the camp at SMK Suai, some an hour drive from Miri town.

One, the work of the unhappy devil. Each one of us seem to face many challenges before and during, and after the mission. We were discouraged, in physical pain, spiritually wrestling with God, commitment of work and etc...but yet, each of us fought through each and everyone of them, arriving safely and returning safely. We gave no chance for the unhappy one to win because we know "...the joy of our Lord shall be our strength". It's when we are weak, that's what He shall be strong.

Two, the work of the happy Holy Spirit. The HS was working greatly in that place. Students were touched, the mission team were touched, the ISCF and YCS teachers' were touched, I was superbly touched. Many shed tears during prayer sessions, some were slain by the HS, all by the work of the HS and by the grace of God. Many rededicated their life to Christ, some accepted Christ for the 1st time in their life and many desire and made commitment to have a turn-a-bout in their spiritual life and life as a student.

Three, unity. We came from different churches, different small-groups and from different backgrounds but God made us work in unity, knowing our responsibilities and helping and supporting each other in words, deeds and prayers.

Four, humility and humbleness. God is teaching me and I am learning and I must learn, and I've learned. It's not my work, it's not I am able, it's not the highlight of's all nothing about me. It's ALL about His work, it's He who is able, even the impossible, it's the highlight of's all EVERYTHING about Him. Less of me and more of Him each second.

Oh, Lord, I am so AMAZED by You!

I can't help it but simply AMAZED by You...

All that You have done, all that You have You have been using us when not a single gift we deserve...

I can't help it but simply PRAISE You over and over again...

There is just no ending to what You are revealing to me, Lord...

Do I deserve any of these after all I've done? I do not, but You gave and You said You will give even more...

Your love touches me to the very depth of my heart and soul.

But my prayers, Lord...are not for me but for them, the students of SMK Suai, that they shall go real far in their spiritual life...real far in life...making a difference in their life...the life of all those surrounding them...and whoever that crosses their path. Make them a people after Your hearts and make them Your most humble disciples in their rumah panjang, in the school and to the ends of the earth.

In the name of Jesus Christ...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Be Like Him


1 day to St Joe Teachers' Day

1 day to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

4 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

30 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

38 days to 7th year

75 days to Cambodia (TCF)

149 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

191 days left 4 me to meet the person

Looking at my Countdown, I realised one thing, I do have mission to accomplish. I do not want to live each day not knowing what my missions are or like drifting along with the flow of life. As much as we are called the followers of our Lord Jesus, I would love to really follow His steps, to know my mission and to have my mission accomplish, so that at the end of it, I can say that, "My work on Earth is done".

But then, how come it become my mission and not His mission? *think*

I think I should be saying that it is His mission passed down to me to accomplish it. Not that He can't do it Himself but, why did He let us do His mission? I mean He could have done it Himself, so much faster. I do not have the answer to this whys that could go on for eternity but I can only think of one possibility, it's all out of love for us, so that we can be like Him.

Example : Why did our mother let us wash the dishes when she can do it herself, cleaner and faster and her way? It's the same, so that we learn, and we can be like her one day, knowing how to wash dishes. Something like-lah. Hehe...not a very good example but bolehlah.

I still can't stop thinking about the Wee's. I am still very touched and encouraged by the Wee's. Joy, at a tender age of 26, she is simply so matured and I am ashamed. Their faith, I could not help but give thanks to God. Such strong faith...a little bit more and it shall move the mountain. Again, I am ashamed.

What's the complain? It's when we have nothing, that's when we have everything.

Peace I do not ask, but faithfulness to face challenges.

Weaknesses is all I have, but Your joy shall be my strength.

You turned me round and give me life of no regrets.

What more could I ask, for You have given me Your very self...on that cruel cruel cross...which was supposed to be me there.

Oh, Lord, how so much I do not deserve, but yet You give.

I am so blessed by You!

Thank You!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blessed Father's Day!


Done with PTK TK 2

Done with Sipitang, Kundasang, Sandakan, Beaufort..."Sabah, here we come!!!"

4 days to St Joe Teachers' Day

4 days to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

7 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

33 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

41 days to 7th year

78 days to Cambodia (TCF)

152 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

194 days left 4 me to meet the person

This is the day that had been set aside to specially remember fathers, not like we forget them the rest of the other days.

My dad left us roughly 1 year ago. I still do remember my dad very much and still thanking God for giving me such a wonderful dad. Though my dad was not an authoritative dad or those lovey dovey, like some I knew of, I still appreciate the time that he had given me.

Him, giving us his time and in quietness, simply showed us how much he really loved us.

I am still very glad at the way how God took him away. Sudden, but yet so gently and all at the right moment.

Thinking about it and relating this "death" and "passing away" of Mr Rolang Wee, 3 children and mother-in-law....and how the wife responded, I can't help but felt so touched and encouraged. If she can be so calm in situation like this, what's with the passing of my dad?

Everyone will pass away fine different way, situation and time...but we can rejoice because our Lord Jesus has won over death. Meaning? No one dies...we live even though our body function no more but our spirit continue to live.

I began to ponder over this thing called "LIFE". It is so important for us to know the reason we are living here on Earth. If we live for ourselves, for human, it's going to be a very difficult time to live....but....if we live for God, nothing will be able to stop us from continuing to live for Him, not even "death" in the most tragic situation. Think about it?

In other goes on no matter what!

We can grieve and mourn but let not that have control over our life that we forget to live for God. We don't simply live and survive this life on Earth, we have a mission to accomplish. Ask the Lord what is your mission on Earth.

It's a funeral...yes...but I like what Aunty Chin Loi said, "It's a celebration of life!". Wow! I never thought of that.

Anyway... Blessed Father's Day once again to all fathers in the world!

Blessed Father's Day, dad! We miss you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

His Hand That Holds Life

*a moment of silence*

This post is dedicated to firstly, our dear sister Brenda Leong...

....whom I 1st knew her in my 1st mission trip to Kapit. I miss her smile, her laughter and her, talking non-stop when in the car with us when we drove her to prayer meet...who, sometimes would praise us for the beautiful music from our guitar during prayer meet.

Dear sister Brenda, you go went off too quick I did not have the chance to say "Goodbye" but I know that you don't just simply went off, but God called you to a better place He prepared for you. Though you are far from us, but we hold you dearly in our hearts...and we would continue to move on in life...learning from your life which we cherish dearly...till the day we meet again.

Secondly, this post is dedicated to Mr. Roland Wee, Joash, Jacinth, Jelyn and Madam K.B. Lim....
...whom I do not know them personally...but my heart goes out for this family. Belated dear Mr Roland was TCF life-member who had been organising the teacher's day celebration in Muar and I had seen him only in photos.

Life is indeed so fragile, one second you are alive and well and another second you can be gone, but, one thing I can praise Him in this "storm" is...we know that our life is in the hands of the Almighty....the Maker and Giver of life.

Most of heart....err...HEARTS (if I could have many) goes out for the family who are still alive. To Mrs Lim , their son and 2 daughters...I can do nothing, but, what I can give, I give... I give my earnest PRAYERS on bended knees before God because only He can the deepest of soul and heart.

My deepest condolences...

To Him be the glory!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Land Below the Wind


Done with PTK TK 2

Still with Sipitang, Kundasang, Sandakan, Tenom..."Sabah, here we come!!!"

9 days to St Joe Teachers' Day

9 days to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

12 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

38 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

46 days to 7th year

83 days to Cambodia (TCF)

157 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

199 days left 4 me to meet the person

Welcome to my newly "renovated" blog!

View of Mount Kinabalu from Kundasang town in the morning.

Here I am greeting you from the Land Below the be more precise, Sandakan.

Today is my 5th day of adventure into this land.

Sea view at Sipitang town in the evening.

God had been good despite me being "illegal" tourist in this land due to my negligence of missing an immigration. Just hope nothing bad will happen...I thought I was careful enough but, I still missed out one. It's a really confusing process getting in and out of Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah...between immigration and custom. I'm totally confused...till now.

@Kinabalu Park, Kundasang.

Apart from all that, I'm enjoying ever bit of my holiday here which I have no idea when would I have this chance again. It's a new challenging adventure that I would never forget.

The place we stayed while in Kundasang.

We have gone through many towns and stopped by Sipitang, Kundasang and now...Sandakan. I have nothing much to say now...haha...not much idea...maybe there's too much thing in my brain and this is not a familiar environment for me to throw my 2 cent worth of thoughts..haha.

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Done with PTK TK 2 - susah betul :P

0 days to Sipitang, Kundasang, Sandakan, Tenom..."Sabah, here we come!!!"

14 days to St Joe Teachers' Day

14 days to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

17 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

43 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

50 days to 7th year

87 days to Cambodia (TCF)

162 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

204 days left 4 me to meet the person

Finally...after days of "craziness"'s done...for now. It's so so difficult...asking me questions which I did not have access to and it's not in the syllabus!!! How would I know anything about makanan asrama and I've not heard of Golfhammer...haha...but it's an easy name to remember. I've never heard of Rancangan Pembelajaran Individu...hmm...since when this term existed?

Anyway, I've done my best and now, it's all by His grace.

Now, time for holiday once again. I've never had a holiday since I don't know when but then, this one not really holiday yet because...need to drive...haha... Holiday must not do so much work punya...must relax...and enjoy...baru kira holiday...and with lots of money to spend...haha... In my mimpilah.

Pray that we will have place to stay...because...we are really going on a Faith Tour. No booking of any hotel or resort or anything...just isi minyak...isi angin...bawak duit, baju...passport...and chow... Here we go... Sabah, here we come!!!

Aiyoh, it has been my dream of going to Sabah but never had the chance except last time when I brought students to climb Mount Kinabalu but that does not count because it was not a holiday, it was a job, a responsibility. Finally, thank Him...I am able to go...all by His grace....

Ok...tamat sudah hal mengarutku di blogku ini...

Sampai kita bertemu lagi!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainbow of Promises


1 day to PTK TK 2

2 days to Sipitang, Kundasang, Sandakan, Tenom..."Sabah, here we come!!!"

16 days to St Joe Teachers' Day

16 days to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

19 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

45 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

53 days to 7th year

90 days to Cambodia (TCF)

164 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

206 days left 4 me to meet the person

I know I am not supposed to be here right now, but, I am still here because I can't stopped myself from writing after a week.

Just a short one because I don't want to feel too guilty of not doing something which I am supposed to do and doing something that I am not supposed to do.

It's "panic attack" season with PTK just one more day to go. "NOOOO!!!!"

I think I will know the answer but yet, I think I might not be able to answer it. brain is twisting.

Haha...anyway...this is just "opening ceremony speech".

I saw double rainbow one of the days when I was back in my hometown. You don't know how much I love rainbows and you don't know why I love it so much. Ignore me when I look so fascinated with it...staring like I've never seen one.

Rainbow is a reminder of God to the promises of God unto us. Not just during Noah's time but I'm sure God had promises for you too, right? When I see the rainbow, God will repeat all His promises to me, telling me that, "I do not forget my promises to you".

It gives you hope and know that He is there walking with us through the unknown and curious future. Nothing is greater than knowing our lives belongs to Him and you know this song??

"It's no longer I that liveth but Christ that liveth in me...."

"Hidupku bukannya aku lagi, tapi Yesus dalamku..."

Alright..time to get back into my no nerdy self....erghh...

All...everything...brain go ga-ga...haha...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selamat Ari Gawai!


Done with Visit from SMK Kidurong, Bintulu

Done with A & S's Special Day

8 days to PTK TK 2

9 days to Sipitang, Kundasang, Sandakan, Tenom..."Sabah, here we come!!!"

23 days to St Joe Teachers' Day

23 days to mission to SMK Suai, Miri

26 days to Christian Teachers' Day, S'wak

52 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

60 days to 7th year

97 days to Cambodia (TCF)

171 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

213 days left 4 me to meet the person

Last weekend was the most happening weekend cum holiday that I've ever had in USJ, and I'm still thankful and grateful for the strength He gave me to go through another "event after all the 3 weeks "event" that I went through. I have yet to get a real rest yet and hoping so much I could get some rest back here in my hometown...a while at least.

Anyway, it was a joyous occasion of meeting people and meeting life..haha...I am enjoying every bit of it though in the back of my mind..."Oh no, I have yet to study anything for my PTK!!!"

I've learned that *smile* simply heals every pain, heartaches, sadness, anxiety, anger, etc..and especially a frown...haha... Even when you don't like it, force yourself to *smile* ... it changes yourself and everyone around you unless the other person are just too absorb within "me, myself and I". Then...up to you's your life and you choose how you want to be.

Now, it's back to study, study, study,'s just 8 days away and I've just read like less than 1%. I've got to relax and not panic. Frankly, I dislike exam...another stronger word...hate...hehe...because it makes me so stressful.

Anyway...nak tak nak...mesti belajar...this is not for me but for Him. Everything for Him...

Happy Gawai Dayak!

Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai!