Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Like Eagle


1 day to TCF AGM

16 days to a change of digits

157 days to 7th year

194 days to Cambodia (TCF)

268 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

311 days left 4 me to meet the person

I am reminded of the height from which I have fallen and how deep God went to bring me out and how high He had brought me up.

I was dirt filthy but He received me with arms wide opened and He cleansed me, gave me new clothes, and said nothing, except, "Do not worry. I am here with you."

As far as the east is from the west and as high as the heavens are from the earth, that's how far He had thrown away my sins from me.

I should have been dead long time ago....I do not deserved anything I had been blessed with now but yet, He chose me, and called me His beloved.

Why should I be proud? Why should I complain about anything? Why should I be angry and upset?

This life I do not deserved, this life I might not be living it now, but He let me live.

This life, I owe it all unto Him.

I am given this 2nd chance to live, I will definitely not waste it.

This life I live, I am living solely for Him who had brought me out of the darkness of my own shadow.

No one would understand except Him, of the "height" which I have fallen, deep down into the pit, that's where He went to bring me out and like an eagle, that's how high He had brought me.

I owe You every single life of mine, Lord!

Thank You!

So, let me say how much I love You
With all my heart I long for You
For I am caught in this passion of knowing
This endless love I've found in You
And the depth of grace
The forgiveness found
To be called a child of God
Just makes me say how much I love You
O my Saviour, my Lord and Friend
-Geoff Bullock-

Monday, February 22, 2010

Guided Stops


3 days to TCF AGM

18 days to a change of digits

159 days to 7th year

196 days to Cambodia (TCF)

270 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

313 days left 4 me to meet the person

School had started once again after the CNY break for one week. For once, I was glad to be "home". For once, I looked forward to going to work and meeting all my students. Though they may be many of them this year, I still do miss each one of them. No matter how they can break my nerve, I still do love them very much. As dear as they are to God, that's how dear they are to me. =)

Another part of me is looking forward to the next holiday, the holiday that I will be back to my another "home"...hmm...I have so many "homes" A holiday with a difference...a change of digits, a new start, a renewal and a....err...dunno. :P

I've learnt many things lately. One thing that came to my mind as I hear what people are going through in life as Christian is God guided our steps as well as our stops. I've lost or rather neglect my gift as "human scanning machine". I tend to look at people at a glance and think they are just doing fine, because they look fine but I've never look close enough to see through their eyes and their hearts where they are just simply going through many things which we will not see or know unless they tell us.

In ministry, we tend to think that we need to do and do and do and do...and that's our ministry. We soon feel tired and everything seem to go no where, we want to give up. It's all because we failed to realise that sometimes we need to stop and reflect upon Him who is the Master of all ministries. Who are we serving after all? Who's job is it after all?

Can we along side with Him rather than work for Him, thinking that we are in control of the whole work and situations and problems?

Praying, resting, waiting, trusting-
These are words that tell a story;
As we wait for God to lead us,
He responds, "Just seek My glory." -Hess

Friday, February 19, 2010

Days R Numbered


6 days to TCF AGM

21 days to a change of digits

162 days to 7th year

199 days to Cambodia (TCF)

273 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

316 days left 4 me to meet the person

Time is passing fast. Today shall be my last day in the land of "Food Paradise". I'll be off back to my mission field once again. I'm glad and yet I'm sad, but glad as well..haha...confusing statement.

I'm glad that I'll be back to my mission ground, that's where I belong in this world, back to work, seeing my colleagues and students and out of boredom and a place so alien and handicapped; and yet I am sad I'll be leaving my mom behind and spending my final days of holiday where I could wake up whatever time I would like to and sleep whatever time I want to; but glad I'll be back again to my "homeland" in 3 weeks time, a year older.

Again, I was able to get my collection in an almost complete set... I managed to purchase Somebody Else's Kids by Torey Hayden. I still need one more of her books to complete the whole collection...Murphy Boy (I just ordered it from So, it's complete, yay!

Next, Cathy next target far, I've bought and read 2 of her books, Damaged, The Saddest Girl in the World and...this shall be the next for me to read...Cut, with a few more to purchase...Hidden, The Girl in the Mirror, Kids in Care, Eclipse of the Heart and A Dreadful Mistake.

Finally, I managed to get my Garam come new recipe...hehe...Chicken Masala, Beef Masala, Vegetable Masala...and everything Masala...hahaha...

Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd Day of CNY


10 days to TCF AGM

25 days to a change of digits

166 days to 7th year

203 days to Cambodia (TCF)

277 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

320 days left 4 me to meet the person

Posting post on blog everyday shows how bored I am right now, with nothing much to do. Stuck in the room, stuck in the house...stuck in Penang.

Today is the just the 2nd day of CNY...even so, time seem to be zooming once again. Look at my's fast moving. Soon, it shall be the month of March. *sob sob* I'm getting do you, dear readers...haha...

Each day is one step closer to seeing our dear Father. We never know when our life will end but we do know we need not be afraid because we are in His mighty Hands.

Let me quote this by Ryberg (Feb 11, ODB) :

Tomorrow's plans I do not know,
I only know this minute;
But He will say, "This is the way,
By faith now walk ye in it."

In the midst of nothing-to-do, I'm already dreaming of Cambodia. I remembered what I've said to my SG leader. "I do not want to go to Cambodia because it's too expensive., with that RM2000 spending on Cambodia, I could have gone local mission 10 times."

God heard what I've said and proved to me how "useless" my words can be. That year itself, God brought me twice to Cambodia. I have no idea how I finally agreed with it after refusing it at least twice. When God says "Go!" can never say, "No!".

As soon as I stepped into the Kingdom of Cambodia, my heart melts and my heart goes all the way for this Kingdom of Cambodia. Being at the Killing Fields, made me hear the cries from the ground. The Genocide Museum, made me see the love that God has for this land. God heard their cries, just like God heard the cries of Abel.

I'm looking the will of God, to be in this land once again...twice again this year. Shall this be my annual event? If God say, "Go!"...go I shall.

I might not have much to offer but with my limited abilities I shall go, with a BIG and OPEN heart, knowing...."When He calls, He will also equips." The quote that shall bring me far into His ministry and the quote that shall take away my fear and anxiety of knowing not what I should be doing..."He will do what He wants done."

To Him be all glory!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day


11 days to TCF AGM

26 days to a change of digits

167 days to 7th year

204 days to Cambodia (TCF)

278 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

321 days left 4 me to meet the person

It's double celebration this year....

All3's Corner of Life wishes everyone....

It's the year of Tigger.... *ROARRR!!*

All3's Corner of Life also wishes all her love ones...and everyone...

It's the year of love, joy and peace... May His love fills you each day, so that you may share it and spread it around....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-CNY 2010


0 days to CNY

12 days to TCF AGM

27 days to a change of digits

168 days to 7th year

205 days to Cambodia (TCF)

279 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

322 days left 4 me to meet the person

Arrived KLIA on Thursday night exactly 10pm, taking the 6:15pm flight. This was my 3rd time sitting this hour flight and this was the 1st time it did not delay at all when I was hoping so much it would delay.

"Why?" you may asked. It was all because I would be staying overnight in the airport. Partly, do not want to menyusahkan orang and partly, I would like to experience how does it feel like staying overnight in the airport.

My next flight would be 7:40am to Penang.

As you can see now... I SURVIVED!

It was worse than being in Cambodia...haha... was all indeed an experience for me. Shall I do more of this overnight thingy in aiport?


But...would be nice once in a blue moon...then we know how it feels like to "suffer" with others.

I was glad I could find a spot and seats to myself although the seats was facing the public but what choice do I have right at that moment. Having seats were better than having the floor.

I was kind of afraid to sleep fearing that people might steal away my luggage or whatever that might happen that I do not know, but then, God is always good to me. At 1st He sent a guy taking the next seats and then another girl taking the next next seats and they were fast to settling down to their sleeping position.

Since I could hardly opened my eyes, I too tried hard to find the right position to sleep. Boy, was it difficult to find a right position while trying to maintain the feminine part of me...haha...

I slept in so many position and I guess I did get some sleep here and there but did not dare leave my luggage in order to go to the toilet. The whole airport were in total silent after 12 midnight with only workers doing their jobs and a few Bangladeshi talking the way till morning. I thought the weather would be cold but was quite warm actually.

I woke up completely at 4am when people started coming to take the earliest flight to Kuching at 6am. I sat there till about 5:10am and when to check-in my luggage but they did not open the counter till 5:30am. I q-up till almost 6am until it was my turn, then that MAS lady asked me to go to the other counter and started another q for another 10 minutes. Was it so difficult to just check-in my luggage. I was glad though I did not get into a "fight" with here. I was really tired and sleepy and had been in the Q for 45 minutes and the MAS guy was just doing what she does not want to do...WTH...

Well, then went looking for Hotlink...geezz..they had none there. So, bought my breakfast. Milk and bun. When to the departure was a long long line. I Q up for quite sometime and I was almost late for my flight and the departure hall was at A10...the furthest. was a real CNY challenge for me. I never like this mad rush with people but it was an experience for me.

I'm thankful that God was accompanying me all the way.

No more overnight in airport but when there's a 1st time, there will always be the 2nd time...haha...and 3rd and 4th...until KO.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Endless Praise


4 days to CNY

16 days to TCF AGM

31 days to a change of digits

172 days to 7th year

209 days to Cambodia (TCF)

283 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

326 days left 4 me to meet the person

Days are soon approaching.

...and soon be gone...

...and will remain a memory.

My brain is in a mess...everything seems to be running at the same time, crossing each other, working double triple harder than usual plus the hot hot weather...

....and *BOOM* sakit kepala.... *sigh*

Forced myself to continue with my workout which I missed for one day? two days?

Jillian Micheals

From Jillian Micheals to Billy Blanks...

..both great fitness instructor... online instructor...

I lost weight with Jillian Micheals....I gain fitness with Billy Blanks...

..both make me "die" with their super duper tiring and straining workout...


it's just need internet access and download it to your real player...and wah have some workout to work on. No need to go to the gym and do it at the comfort of your house/room.

it really works...both Jillian Micheals and Billy Blanks.

Billy Blanks train you in Tae Bo. "What's that??"

It's short form for taekwando and ever sought after activity.


Sweat it out....lose weight....and gain your muscles...

Secret to fitness....and of course...don't forget "Take care of your".

Aiyoh...I'm afraid of's time when I am tempted to eat and eat and eat...and doing nothing else, only to get FAT!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peeping Beyond the Horizon


7 days to CNY

19 days to TCF AGM

34 days to a change of digits

175 days to 7th year

212 days to Cambodia (TCF)

286 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

329 days left 4 me to meet the person

I'm back and continued my counting hobby...

Too tired to post anything...

The title of my post today had nothing to do with what I will write...

CNY is arriving soon but what difference does it make to my life. No feeling and mood of CNY at all. No new clothes, no new shoes, no new nothing specially for CNY. I'm not fond of CNY anyway but I've to spend $$ in order to go back to Penisular because buying flight tickets almost the last minute is expensive and this "clever" government of Miri never even want to give us a replacement holiday on Friday. So what happened to the Saturday that we had replaced? Hapus begitu sahaja. I was forced to take one day off, if not, I'll just burn my tickets which cost me lots.

Well, despite everything, I am here to testify once again the goodness of God to me. He enabled me to get a day of CRK despite rumors that my principal will not approve all CRK on that day. I am most thankful to Him. Being me, I never learn my lesson. Where had my faith and trust gone to? This is the most difficult lesson God had to teach me. I'm such a slow-learner in the practice of faith and trust.

How would I take the CNY this year? Going and being in the same place but one person missing. It will be so different. There won't be 3 people in the room no more and I won't be able to see him sitting on that table every morning reading his Bible or studying for his part-time theology. There won't be anyone to go to the bookshop with me, walking to the newspaper vendor to get newspaper and no one to discuss and share with. I'll be missing him very much this CNY.

I am not looking forward to CNY at all but I need to be back for the sake of the living.