Sunday, November 30, 2008

Malaysian Oh Malaysian !

The other day, I was just reading one of the bloggers' blog about how "knowledgeable" (opposite) some West Malaysian is about the land Sarawak and Sabah. Example, some think that Sarawakians and Sabahans are living on tree tops..etc. I thought only some West Malaysians are so shallow about the Borneo but I found it fact, many Malaysian do not know about Malaysia. Let's not talk about the very details of it but let's just talk about the location of the states in Malaysia itself. So, now my version. Hehe.

Chinatown. Look at the lamp post. Just like in Putrajaya.

I come from a town..oppss...CITY called Terengganu and I'm from Kuala Terengganu to be more specific. Yes, we Chinese are minorities in this land but there is still Chinese and Indians here. So, do not look surprised if I said that I am from Terengganu and yes, I speak English and Bahasa Malaysia and I do not speak pure bahasa Terengganu.

Jalan Sultan Ismail; where most of the banks are situated.

Just mention the name Terengganu and people will mention fisherman's village and people will say Terengganu has a lot of fishes. No, I do not live in a fisherman's village and I do not live near the sea. Terengganu has a lot of fishes that most of them will end up in some restaurants and hotels in West Coast. We still get to eat fresh fish though, compare to some other states.

Typical fishing boat in Terengganu by Terengganu River.

"I've been to Kelantan and Kuantan but not Terengganu."
That's because Terengganu is located between Kelantan and Pahang. You have to want to go to Terengganu, then you will end up in Terengganu. No one stop by at Terengganu because it's not a place of connection if you are from West Coast.
Me, "I'm from Terengganu." Someone, "I always go to Cherating..Club Med."
Cherating is not in Terengganu...that goes to Club Med too. It's in Pahang. Kemaman and Kertih is in Terengganu...if you have heard of this two names. If you don't, then now you are.

Introducing to you... Pulau Terengganu.

"Where is Terengganu? I know I know...On the top is Pahang, then....?
Me, "Terengganu is in the middle of Malaysia. Pahang, then Kelantan, then Terengganu."
Heeelllllooo!!! Are you a Malaysian???? I think, even the foreigners knows the location of the states in Malaysia better than a Malaysian. So sad.... :( I thought only West Malaysian thinks that Sarawakians and Sabahans lives on trees but some...some...from East Malaysia believes that Terengganu is in the middle of Malaysia and Pahang is up the north.

Map of Malaysia; check out where the capital of each states are situated.

What's wrong with people ? What's wrong with Malaysians (some) ???? It proves how much the education system doesn't work. This is basic Geography!!!!!

Malaysian are so focused of foreign countries that they can show you a country from a globe but not a state in Malaysia. Call yourself a Malaysian. Wake up Malaysians...get to know your own country before you venture out into the other parts of the world.

Terengganu is famous for its' island, this is Pulau Perhentian Besar.

Visit Malaysia....a land flowing with milk and honey. Yes, sucks the politic but count it a blessing. It's better than the other parts of the world.

The grass is always greener on the other side....but not until you see that it's actually a fake one. Although the grass here are not so green, at least it's a real grass. Be grateful.

PS: Photos are all taken from Thanks to all photographers for the photos.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Life's Like That.

I've been on my blog for quite some time but just too lazy to write because I have nothing nice to write but just complains and more complains about this world and everything in it. Plus, I've been quite busy trying to arrange, rearrange and sort out all the accounts that I need to pass over before I go back to my hometown. Just to share a few things

Number 1 : I'm happy and sad that next year I'm not doing accounts anymore. I'm happy because a little bit of burden/responsibility is off my shoulders especially handling money that is not mine, rushing here and there paying bills and walking real fast holding cash in my pocket to the cash deposit machine late at night because that's the time where there's less people and car. I'm sad because I've been doing these things for 2 years and it has become part of me, part of my life though frankly, I'm not good at all in handling accounts and sort. Well, it's time to move on with my next service for God. I'm serving as a Sunday School Superintendent which I am not qualified at all and real blur about it. Yeah, I can teach and sing but I don't know how to find teachers to teach Sunday School every month. Bad move for them to choose me. Anyway, I'm relying fully on God for this new service.

Number 2 : I can't wait to go back to my hometown. I can't wait to go back to see my two moms, my mom and my ibu and also my dad. I miss them terribly. My brother too but I'm not close to my brother compare to my closeness to my parents. I'll really miss them one day when they go back Home but I always comfort myself that I'll meet them again one day in our Home.

Number 3 : I'm bored of eating instant noodles and bread everyday. I wish I could have the time to cook real food. I love cooking and baking.

Number 4 : I really miss all my students. I wish I could introduce each and everyone of them to you but can't do it here without permission. That's our law. I miss their smiles, I miss their talks, I miss their actions, I miss their unique identity, I miss "bullying" them, I miss teaching them....I really miss them. Though some of them might not understand much about this life, there easy life teach me to slow down and don't take this life so seriously. They always make my day. They brightens up my day. I love them very much. In school, they are just like my children and they are very special. I'm looking forward to receiving a new batch of students next year. Though we don't have enough room to put them in but God will make a way.

My students...I'm in front of them...I'll always be in front line to care and lead them. God will always be above and around them. May God grant me to do more for all of you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Great Commission

Recently, a group of us was having a conversation.

A asked,"What is your religion? Are you a Christian?".

B replied,"I'm not Christian, I'm a follower of Jesus".

A said,"But you too go to's the same".

B replied,"No, I don't go to church. Church is just a building. We meet up in small groups in someone's house. What's the point of going to a big building and do nothing there...Jesus asked us to go and make disciples/followers of Him, baptizing them, not sit in a big building and make busy the whole day there".

A laugh and said, " This is false teaching".

I was speechless, but my brain starts its thinking engine. Every part of my brain was moving and working real hard. Questions..."Is this true?", "Am I spending too much time in the church?", "Is this some kind of false teaching?", "Is going to church a waste of time?", "Is ministry in the church not making disciples as well?", "What's my stand on this statement?", "Should I disagree completely?".....questions...questions...questions... for days. Thinking...thinking....thinking... for days too.

Christianity is not a religion, it's more than that. It's a relationship that one has with God. Christian = followers of Jesus Christ.

Church is not the building or place, it's brothers and sisters in Christ that come together. Church is you and I come together in fellowship through our Lord Jesus Christ. I greatly agree with this and what's the point of building big, huge, marvelous, high technology building which we call "church" when there are so many Christian who meet secretly in order to have fellowship which we call "underground church"? Christians in cities are spending millions to upgrade their "church" when there's a cripple man outside who has not eaten for days and lives in a shack, when a small house that was built to have fellowship was torn down by the authorities because they said it's not legal.

The Great Commission is definately true and many of us, Christian, lack of it. We are quite selfish when it comes to salvation. We feel safe, happy, secure because we know we have that salvation but hardly think about those we meet everyday, those surrounding us everywhere we go. We could hardly care about them, as long as me and my house whole, we are save.

Well, let's remember that our home is in Heaven....what we do here, on earth, will bring impact in the later life. Followers of Jesus is who we are, fellowship is what we need in order to bring out the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:19-20 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them
to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Non Holiday School Holiday

Strawberry Park - My dream place to stay in Cameron Highlands

Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands

My dream holiday with my parents.

School holiday has officially started. People are back to their hometown, preparing to go on holiday to somewhere near and far, relaxing at home....but mind you, only some managed to do that. I, on the other hand had to invigilate exam which is actually 10 days in total but with breaks in between that makes me stay back for one month. 20 days left. Not all the time for resting but still need to prepare for next year's teaching, finishing and finalizing accounts, getting all my bills done, clean the house, service my car and bike, renew my road tax etc.

I will have 3 weeks left for holiday. Even though my holidays will be shorter than others but I'm still most thankful because I have holidays which is longer than some others out there. I count my blessing. Most of all, I'll be back to my "ibu" after such a long time since I stayed with her. I'll be back to my hometown in Kuala Terengganu too...hope to capture some photos of my hometown.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Unseen Deadly Smoke.

I was taking my lunch with my friends at Boulevard after a visit to Jom Heboh. We sat at a side table facing the open space view outside. It's like a small garden with lots of trees and too. This view should have looked very peaceful and lovely but to my surprised, the view was polluted with many young people, some as young as primary 6 if I'm not wrong...maybe younger. What are they doing ? Smoking...taking a puff...Boys and girls, all alike.

Some of them were students I taught long ago. Some of them, I know their parents. Many others I have no idea who they are. It's such an ugly sight. These children/youth are the future generations but are there any future ? The future is clouded by their smokes. The whole future is gone if nothing is done. Are you waiting till a child as young as 3 years old, starting to smoke??

Parents!!!! Where are you ? Do you know what are your children doing out there or you couldn't care less ? Are you so busy with finding $$$$$ that you forgot about your own flesh and blood ? How would your reaction be if you were to look right before you, your child so young and fragile is SMOKING ? Blame it on yourselves if you too are smokers. No wonder your child smokes.

Adults!!!! Why are you so selfish ? Why are you killing the innocents ? You smoke, we die and you say, "Look, even those who doesn't smoke die earlier than us". You smokers, are the killer of all the innocents. You took the 1st hand smoke, we breathe all the 2nd hand smoke. Not from one smokers, but from many smokers. You think it has nothing to do with us but YES!!! IT HAS MANY TO DO WITH US.

Do you think that the smoke just stays at one place when you puff it out ??? You #@&%@...the smoke fills the air, it travels. Your blinded eyes just couldn't see it because you are so selfish. All the chemicals from your body will be transfered to your child, you make them sick, you lessen their antibody, you made them stupid. You gave a lousy testimony that smoking is fine. It's mind your own business thing. %#&@#$ those who created cigarettes.

Smokers!!!! Since you love cigarettes so much which contains all kinds of chemicals, why don't you just take the original chemical itself. Another idea, why don't you just go behind the bus, go to the exhause and inhale all the smoke from it. It saves you lots of $$$$..its free. Then you don't have to work so hard to find more $$$$ to support your stupid smoking habit.'s still very sad sad thing to watch these children/youth smoking at such a young age when they don't realised the danger of it all. The tobacco company is making so much money whereas they will start to spend so much money even before they starts to work. When their mind...brain are supposed to be developing slows down due to the smoke they inhale.
God, have mercy upon this broken, confused generations.





Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pacific Collection

Me and a few of my friends, we had a great weekend buffet dinner last night at Palm Terrace Cafe, Imperial Hotel. I was quite worried the food would not be nice because a few people told me that Imperial Hotel doesn't cook really good food but some told me it's just a matter of 'different people has different taste'. My housemate actually invited me but in the end I invited 5 of my friends. Only 3 could make it that night. This was another reason of my worry...scared they might complain since it's not a small amount of price but low compare to buffet in KL.

We arrived about 7:30pm. Went up with a mind of curiosity....but when I went around looking at what food they actually offer...WOW!!! There were so much to many varieties. I was glad we didn't make the mistake of coming to this buffet and me, inviting so many people. Hehe. Prawns were fresh, crab, fried soft-shell crab, sushi, beef, lamb, vegetables, varieties of fruits, lots of cheese cake, ice-cream, cocktails, rojak, sashimi (raw fish)...etc etc...Can't remember everything and lazy to write all the food. I love the salmon so much...I almost took all of it. Took lots of different kinds of cake...cheese cake. I didn't managed to eat everything they offer there. My stomach just couldn't fill in anymore.

Was really's really worth it. But this promotion is only on October and November only. Quick...go and have a try. It's worth it for people who loves food....

Some of the drinks: Blueberry, Chinese Tea, Mixed Fruit

PS: Appears here are just some of the food and photos..for more, check out in my FB

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Love Those Whom God Loves

I need to start loving those unlovable people again. I never say it's going to be easy but it's a command from God. If God loves them so much, why shouldn't I love them as well....since I called myself a child of God. I have to do something about it. Hatred must not reign forever. Love must conquer over everything. No matter how much that person hurt me and try to create so much trouble for me, I must persevere and know that God is in control of everything. God puts me in difficult situation for a purpose...that I will grow..that I will learn...that I will trust in Him. Everything is done for the glory of God. Pray...pray...pray...never give up as long as I'm still breathing the air of this world.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Left or Right ? Let it be the Opposite.

I love my school very much. It's such a great school. It's so systematic that words can't explain it. The buildings is new, clean, with many well decorated classroom. The whole surrounding is huge and well taken care of. Landscape is superb. Trees and flowers all'll just feel the fresh air. Parking space is plenty that one can choose where you want to park. The front desk offers excellent service with world class hospitality...comes with a sweet smile and super speed services. There's such a high unity among all that you'll be amazed and never wanting to move away. Everyone is so helpful and anyone is willing to help you when help is needed. Everyone has high respect for the authorities. Among all....there's an angel who is so sweet. From the 1st day, she has done a lot of work...she's been such a great help that we are so glad to have her around. She has been so silence and not a complain came out of her. She is so young and pretty but she is so humble about it. She has never caused us any problems and troubles. I hope she will never move away. She's just a great and wonderful angel.
School is great, authorities are perfect, people are united, students are well discipline and polite. Why would I want to leave a school like? I love it.
Prepare Ahead Like Ordinary Island.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Marriage...marriage...what art thou ?

I'm not sure how this topic came about but when I was chatting with my friends...this topic and thoughts came to my mind. Rather than explaining my thoughts again and again...why not I just write it down here. This is just solely my thoughts and I don't ask you to agree with me. This is from my psychological point of view.

Marriage...what comes to our little mind is a man and a woman, wedding gown, lots of money spent, who to invite, busy busy busy, ...bla..bla..bla.. It's difficult to find an almost perfect or suitable life partner, what more an almost perfect marriage. Time and value has changed. People no longer knows what is marriage, what comes along with it, good and not-so-good. Marriage in this modern generations seems to be like a performance...a stage show to the world what a perfect and beautiful marriage I am having. Let me show you an example of this modern society.

Maryah has a new boyfriend every single year. The reason...this guy is not suitable, there is no love between us anymore, he treats me bad or maybe I've found someone better. It's vice versa with guys. Maryah continued to change boyfriends until she was 28 years old and she suddenly realised it's time to get married. At that time, she was with Frank. One year of "wearing the mask" courtship ends in wedding.

"I want this and this type of flowers, I want this and this type of wedding gown but I need to try on a few first before I can make my choice, make sure you borrow or buy a new luxury car for our more...I prefer wedding at that 5 star hotel...with grand reception. Need to do my face, my hair, my body, my hands, legs, toes, finger nails. What else??? Oh yeah, wedding photos, let go to this shop my friend recommended me. Take this package, they are nicer. Invitation card, don't forget. Make it red and pink with some inviting perfume in it. Send it out fast. I need to buy shoes that will match all my gowns. Remember, it's not yet done, this just part of it. I'll think of more things to do and buy and we'll discuss again later. Bye darling, see you for lunch."

Comes the wedding day, things seems so perfect and beautiful. The couple looks like prince and princess. Many guest come from near and far. Everyone praises the whole wedding thingy. The groom dedicated a love song to her beautiful wife...I Will Love You Till The End of the Time. The end of the wedding day and here comes the honeymoon....let's go to Paris..."Paris, here we come!!" One year passed. "Mommy, I come!!!!" A child is born. "Oh darling, I think I need my mother to take care of our child. I just couldn't do it. It's so tiring. Breast feeding has been so taxing with the baby asking for feed every one hour. I'll put him on formula milk."

"Mom, please take care of our baby, ok? We need to attend our friends wedding tonight and tomorrow night too...hehe..our friends' birthday party. Thanks mom."

"Mom, Frank needs to study for his Master Degree. Can the baby stays with you? At least Frank could concentrate."

"Mom, I'm sorry I couldn't take the baby back home for the weekend because Frank and I need to attend a dinner...and I'll be working full day the day after. Thanks mom."

"Mom, I'll come and take the baby with us to visit our friends during the Chinese New Year. I'll send him back before the evening. Thanks mom."
Friends saw how cute the baby was and played with him....Maryah and Frank were so proud of themselves that they have such a cute baby. Friends looks at them and said what a wonderful family you had here. In the eyes of friends, things seems so perfect.

Years past, the baby grew all the while with the grandfather and grandmother. Mommy came to visit everyday...daddy visits occasionally. The baby...oppss...the toddler is so attached tell me who. And they live happily ??? ever after ??? -THE END-

Dear friends....tell me if marriage is not a stage show. It's to show the world that I am married to this rich and ok...quite handsome man. I have a big, luxury car...and a big house to stay in. I am able to bear a child I called my own. It's to tell the world that we are so loving by staying close together and holding hands. It's to tell the world that I have a beautiful wife...or a handsome husband. It's to tell the world that I am normal because I get married and have children. It's to ask the world, "So, when's your turn to get married?"

At the backstage, when the world are not looking. I have a rich husband but you don't know how stingy is he. I have a beautiful wife but she can't do household chores because she has never done that before. I have a luxury car and a big house but I have to work even harder to pay for all those. I have a child but my mom takes care of him/her for me because I have no idea how to take care of a baby especially when they cry, what does he/she wants??? As time goes by, my life is my life and your life is your life. Love fades because there were nothing to hold on to. I just couldn't understand my child, he/she doesn't listen to me.

Marriage of this modern society is just a stage show. Everything is perfect on the stage but who knows what's happening behind the stage.




Monday, November 3, 2008

What's so special about Special Olympics?

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

"The Mission of Special Olympics

"The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities*, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community."

This is supposed to be the mission of Special Olympics(SO)...for the intellectual disable but look at what they are doing now? I'm not talking about SO in general but "some". Most of the children/youth involved are 98% slow learner. What about the the rest of the REAL INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED children/youth? The autistic, hyperactive, mentally disable, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, global development delay etc... ARE THEY NOT INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED? Do they not have the rights to join all the activities organized by SO? "Some" said they are just not good enough, they are a waste of money spent on them because they will definitely lose, they just have no potential at all. Looking from what people are doing, seems like no one really cares for them...I mean really CARES without getting any benefits from it. Everything is done just to SHOW they 'kononnya' cares about this children/youth.

This real intellectually disabled are actually just 2nd class human in the eyes of some people...they are just used in doing things/stuff that nobody wants to do. #@&#@ No matter what, I still believe they are God's special special creation...extra special. They are indeed CHILDREN OF HEAVEN if you haven't know about that. God takes special care of them. God has entrusted us to take care of them as well. They deserved the extra love from us. Not in a spoiled manner e.g. pity them that you tend to do everything for them but teach them how to do it that they may survive without "normal" people.

Please do not use the NAME of this children/youth/adults for your own selfish day you will be responsible for your action. Yes, this children/youth/adult do not know anything about your doing but Someone Above knows it very well. Buat baik, sesungguhnya akan dibalas dengan kebaikan dan buat jahat, sesungguhnya akan dibalas juga dengan kejahatan...sama ada di dunia atau di akhirat nanti. Tuhan itu Tuhan yang adil. God is a God of justice.

So, what's so special about Special Olympics?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Year End Dinner 2008

Had a good dinner last night at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. Not many teachers came but most of the morning sessions were there. Food was good. I like the Ayam Percik and lamb the best and for the dessert, the honey dew pudding was marvelous. Rojak gravy was horrible....the smell...yucks...wonder what happened to the gravy. Was it overdue or the put in something that...I have no idea at all but it really sucks. I had this phobea on rojak at this place because last year, the rojak was basi. They just had no speciality in rojak making. The rest was better than last year. I do quite enjoyed myself last night. I brought back 3 prizes, a cute mug for present exchange, a small bag of goodies for not taking any leave this year and finally a bread toaster for lucky draw. Cool...

Above : My 2nd serving of only my favoutrite dish -Lamb, ayam percik and sweet sour fish.

Above : Pang, Drina & me

Above: Me, Drina, Pang, Winnie & Jocelyn.

Above : My exchanged gift.

Last Thursday was our Special Education Year End Luncheon at Dynasty Hotel. This year I managed to eat until full. We so much extra time...even after I was busy with my students and prizes and doing to MC stuff. Students were really well-behaved this year, actually most of the time. They were really lovely students. Yeah, talking about eating. Last time, when it comes to buffet, I used to be able to eat 3 to 4 rounds but seems like nowadays I only managed to eat 1 and a half rounds. *sigh* good...I love to eat but my stomach just couldn't coorperate with me. I tried again last night...*sigh*...still the sad...the food was so tempting though but I only managed to admire the deliciousness of it.

One part of the sermon today caught my attention. It's about bomoh. Pastor was sharing about his conversation with a bomoh who became a Christian. Pastor was asking if it was correct that a Christian who is strong in their faith will never get charmed or harm by the doings of bomoh? The bomoh said yes and instead, the charmed/harm will hit back to the person who did it to us. Just like a mirror. So, we really need to e strong in our faith. Btw, today's sermon is about loving those whom God loves...that includes everyone and read this properly....IT ALL STARTS WITH LOVING OURSELVES. If we failed to love ourselves, we will never be able to love others. Love covers over a multitude of sins. When love exist, the evil shall never prevail. One more thing, when someone hurt you, remember that God loves them too and because God loves them, we need to show love to them too. Pay evil with good and things will be different. What a better world it would be if everyone could practice this.