Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to Grow with "Dumex"


3 days to Good Friday

5 days to Easter Sunday

40 days to Mother's Day

60 days to A & S's Special Day

76 days to PTK

116 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

124 days to 7th year

161 days to Cambodia (TCF)

235 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

278 days left 4 me to meet the person

Life is still great despite working from 6:15am till 4:30pm...with still work to be done. Seem like there's no end to work until death do us part...haha...

Life has been so different for me since lately...err....since this year...

Is it that I am getting other words wiser? ...haha...

Or is it situation in life that makes me learn many things?

Or is it solely God's intervention over my life?

I think....altogether.... Everything....good and bad...happy and sad....laughter and cry....patience and anger.....weird people, normal people, nice people....everything had molded me and my thinking, especially they way I see life and deal with it.

I've made a conclusion here....

I, you, us, we....are the one who make life as how it is.

Life has no control over itself....I, you, us, we have control over life.

Live life for God and you'll never be purposeless.

Live life for yourself and you'll drop in the "well".


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Eastern Life


46 days to Mother's Day

66 days to A & S's Special Day

82 days to PTK

122 days to Miri TCF Teachers' Day

130 days to 7th year

167 days to Cambodia (TCF)

241 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

284 days left 4 me to meet the person

Life is great when you know who you are living for.
I'm living for my Great Father who art in Heaven.

Life is great when you know that you do not deserve this life you are living, yet you are living because of Him.
I simply do not deserve this great life of mine after making a mess out of my life, but yet, He gave me this life today and He's pouring more blessing each day on my life.

Life is great when you know who is always with you.
My Father is always with me. It's always comforting to know He is always holding us.

Life is great when you know the trials and challenges in life are meant to make you grow.
I have indeed grown if you really know me. I did not reach where I am today in just a blink of an eye and through bed and roses, but through tears, pain and heartache.

Life is great when you know the purpose in your life, which is definitely not for your own benefit.
My purpose is simply to glorify Him...may my life bring glory unto Him who deserves it.

Life is great when you put others above yourself.
I'm in the stage of learning to do this and I'm happy each time I succeeded, plus it's so great to be able to see others in a happy mood.

Life is great when you know money cannot buy the people you love and those who love you.
I spent on others as if I have so much money but in reality, I am not rich neither I am poor because I have a Father who will always provides more than what I needed. God has blessed me and how else can I repay Him but to bless others in return.

Life is great when you are thankful and grateful unto Him in all circumstances and complain nothing about this life you are living.
I used to complain about many things, but since I know who I owe this life of mine, I am giving Him thanks for each second of my life and I am forever grateful unto Him who is full of mercy and grace.



I'm particularly sad to hear young Christian teachers discarding their "course" when it is just the beginning of their journey.

It is so difficult to get Christian young people to go into teaching nowadays. Why?

Because the ways of the world has blinded us partially when it is nicer to be called Dr. Brian Lim, Brian Lim the accountant, Brian Lim the engineer, Brian Lim the dentist, Brian Lim the pharmacist, Brian Lim the CEO....

....rather than being call Cikgu Brian Lim.

I was totally sad to read this when one young Christian teacher (who wanted so much to quit teaching) told me, "Christian teacher are human and human has needs to fulfill".

What happened to the "calling"?

What happened to "Not my will but Your will be done"?

Did our Lord Jesus only gave the Great Commission only to certain people and not to all His followers a.k.a. Christian?

Can we not see down only at ourselves, our needs, our wants, our wills, and everything revolve around me, myself and I?

What's wrong with being posted into rural area or whatever area that we are not satisfied with?

Can we wait patiently upon Him rather than wait impatiently upon 'kelulusan perpindahan'?

I know I am not sent into the rural and it's easy for me to say....but....hey, what makes you think living in the city, teaching the city kids is any better than the rural?

If you start comparing, you will have no end to it.

So, get a life young Christian teachers!

Stop complaining and count it a blessing you've got your posting!

There are MANY out there who are still waiting and waiting and waiting for their posting...

....and here you are COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING POSTED!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cherish the Moment


71 days to A & S's Special Day

87 days to PTK

135 days to 7th year

172 days to Cambodia (TCF)

246 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

289 days left 4 me to meet the person

This is the 6th day of my mid 1st semester holiday and like always, time passes when you just wish it would stay a little longer.

I still can't get over the most celebrated birthday I ever had in the 30 years of my life and it was a total complete birthday. 6 times of celebration and 1 more to come. Seven!!! Wow!

Why complete? I got to celebrate with all the important people in my life.

One, with my same age group small-group friends.
Two, with my prayer meet partners, SL, RT, TSP and PT.
Three, with my colleagues and my beloved students.
Four, with SJ, AYS and AKMJ (in spirit ;>)
Five, with ibu, the whole C3 aunties and the rest of the gang.
Six, with my mom, brother and AL.
....soon, seven, with my small group members.

Oh do I write what my heart's feeling?

I am just so happy and glad to be I value the time spent with SJ though I know how tired she was at that moment (this include AYS too who always takes all the trouble to be a wonderful "driver" and no complain) but she gave her most precious time, and as always, I've learned something from her. The value of family.

Time alone with ibu was what I valued the most this holiday in Subang. Haha...for a busy and dedicated lady like her, I treasure the moment spent with her. In silence and quietness, were words no one hears and just the thought of it, makes my heart beats with gladness and put a smile on my face.

Apart from all above, time with my mom and brother in March is something not common...unusual....but this time round, we are together, though in reality, I still do miss my dad and wish my dad is still around. It's the denial of reality.


Life goes on whether I like it or not and I only have two choice, to live or to survive?

...hahaha.... another word...I have no choice!!!

"I'm living each day for the glory of God!"

"I owe Him this life of complain!"


I'm so H.A.P.P.Y. !!
I'm so H.A.P.P.Y. !!
I know I am, I'm sure I am
I'm so H.A.P.P.Y. !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrating 30 Years of Life


76 days to A & S's Special Day

92 days to PTK

140 days to 7th year

177 days to Cambodia (TCF)

251 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

294 days left 4 me to meet the person

Finally, the day is here, a change of digits.

I'm happy to be back after so so many years of celebrating my birthday in Miri.

This is indeed the day that the Lord hath made and I will definitely rejoice and be glad in it.

This day, I especially would like to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness unto me throughout my 30 years of my life.

He had sustained me through and I'm saying this again and again, I owe this life unto Him. The reason I'm still here today is because of Him. He gave me this life to live for a purpose, that is to glorify Him.

I'm thankful and I'm grateful for this life that I live today...and it's no longer I that live but that He lives in me.

I'm thankful for so many great friends and family and "family" that He had brought into my life. It is indeed a year where this day was most celebrated...haha..compared to days in Miri.

Let me share something which I don't normally'll be wondering before I blew so many candles this year....what was my wish? Haha...simple....I only wish that my life shall bring glory unto His name...nothing else....I don't ask for anything.

Thank You, Lord...I'm most happy and most thankful and grateful unto You...

Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. : One more thing, I celebrated my birthday today by attending BK seminar...wonderful..but I wish I had more time to learn the marking system.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost & Found


2 days to a change of digits

2 days to BK Seminar

79 days to A & S's Special Day

95 days to PTK

143 days to 7th year

180 days to Cambodia (TCF)

254 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

297 days left 4 me to meet the person

Today's reading of Our Daily Bread, with the topic "Reminders". Look at how God repeated His lesson to me...haha... He's reminding me that He will always remind me and I want to be reminded, especially the height which I have fallen, and that I owe Him every second of my life.

I was reading using my here are the verses for today...some of it only lah...

"Oleh itu, berusahalah sebaik-baiknya supaya kamu tetap percaya kepada Kristus, mengamalkan hidup baik, dan juga mengetahui kehendak Allah.....Oleh itu, saudara-saudaraku, berusahalah lebih keras lagi supaya panggilan Allah dan pilihan-Nya atas diri kamu itu menjadi suatu pengalaman yang kekal..." (2 Petrus 1:5,10a)

Then, some thoughts came to my mind...about the parable of the Lost Sheep....which was Monday's reading of Our Daily Bread...this is my story.

There was once a sheep in the herds of sheep and the Shepherd was tending away. As the sheep was feeding on the grasses, she went further and further away because the grass tasted good. Soon, the sheep was away from my Shepherd and though she was lost from the rest of the sheep and my Shepherd, the grass was too good for me to care too much until the sheep realised that she ate too much grass and it messes up her whole stomach system.

On the other hand, the Shepherd when realising that one of His sheep was not there. Quickly He left the rest of the sheep in order to search for this one lost sheep. Slowly, He called His sheep but His sheep did not respond because she was too obsessed with her grass.

When the Shepherd found His lost sheep, He did not run and catch the sheep, but slowly and carefully and gently, He watched and follow the sheep so that He will not lose the sheep again. Gently He called upon the sheep till the sheep realised her mistake and recognised the Shepherd's voice.

As the sheep approaches the Shepherd, lovingly the Shepherd embraced her and carried her back to the rest of the sheep.


The sheep was me and the Shepherd was and is God. Guess what were the grasses? It can represent many things in our lives e.g. our sins, pleasure of the world, treasure of the world, leisure of the world and everything else that take over God's place in our lives. Everything else in the world look more interesting than what God had to offer and we were soon drifted apart from what is real and the truth.

What did the Bible say?

"I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance" (Luke 15:7)

Now...this was my thoughts....

I do not want to be put back into the herds of sheep and just continue eating grass and that's all I do. I would like to walk side by side with my Shepherd and help Him find the other lost sheep. This is what I would like...want to do.

Though this few days I do feel a little down but...part of me I'm excited and happy for many things that is to come... *smile*

Kyom sabai!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Forget Me Not


4 days to a change of digits

4 days to BK Seminar

81 days to A & S's Special Day

97 days to PTK

145 days to 7th year

182 days to Cambodia (TCF)

256 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

299 days left 4 me to meet the person

Wow..again...time is shorten in a blink.

As I read Lent Meditation 2010, seems like there are many reminder for me and maybe more reminder to come. Well, prayer answered since I always pray that He will always remind me of many things, since I am a very forgetful person, either when the sea were calm and peaceful or when the sea were roaring and raging.

These were what I've learned, some of it....

"St Francis of Assisi call to simplicity of life and humility before God challenges us to re-examine our attitudes toward repentance to Jesus who for the love of our love was prepared to die....Lord, deliver me from the clutches of my needs and wants. reveal to me what holds me back from pursuing You passionately. Grant me the freedom of simplicity, desiring only to have Your love..." (19 Feb 2010)

"Prayer is one of the avenues that God uses to transform us:To pray is to allow God to change us.....It is not a sign of weakness to pray but , rather, a sign of genuine humanity. Prayer is not merely for emergencies, but also for thankful praise that acknowledges our true dependence on God." (20 Feb 2010)

"Since that day, He's been my Friend. We've gone through many rough patches, but also sailed with the winds many times. Yes, "No one 'has' ever cared for me like Jesus" - a Friend ever-forgiving, daily guiding and superglue-faithful." (22 Feb 2010)

"But do we see our ordinary life -- work, conversations, meetings, chores, raising children -- as source of spiritual growth and nourishment? .... The smallest act can become holy when we do it for love of God. Conversely, church work and prayer become godless when it is done without loving obedience to God....We cannot always wipe away the pain and the tears. But we can learn how to make these holy, just as Jesus did." (23 Feb 2010)

And, these were what I was reminded....

"The father heart of God...
He loved me enough to let me leave home.
He loved me so deeply that He watched for my this case, God not only watched, but He went to rescue me.
He loved me so much that when I returned home, He did not condemn me but forgave me."
(2 Mar 2010)

"God knows my situation. I need not mope. Instead of looking inwards and downwards, I were to look upwards - in worship and praise, which is rightful tribute to our God-King." (3 Mar 2010)

It became clearer to me what God wanted me to do when I read this passage.

"We fear the unknown. We fear of giving up financial or emotional security, power or status, simple comforts or the company of friends and family. But if we truly want to break free from the cycle of unproductive or meaningless work, there must be some kind of letting go -- in order to launch out with God..... Although the disciples followed Jesus, they never sold their boats and net. Instead the boats became vehicles for Kingdom blessing....When we surrender our most precious things to God, we don't lose them. They simply become available for God to use enjoy as He wishes." (4 Mar 2010)

Many people are challenging Christian to go into full-time ministry but failed to realised that everyone is actually already in a FULL-TIME MINISTRY as long as we called ourselves His disciples and doing everything for His name sake...for His glory....for His Kingdom. We've got work to do, Christians...we are not just church goers.

It has been years I was struggling within myself as to what God wanted me to do. I've got no peace because I thought I needed to go into "full-time ministry" in order to be fruitful but God kept quiet about it, giving me all these desires for mission but yet keeping quiet about it. I was clueless, waiting....praying...waiting...praying..."Arghh...what am I to do now???!!", so I thought.

Now, I am at peace with all. He finally gave me His answer. I'm glad I need not struggle anymore. I am not anxious when people "talk" about "full-time ministry". I doubt no more...worry no more.

For now, teaching shall be my full-time ministry...reaching out to the forgotten,the marginalised. I am reminded....teaching was a calling for me....not my own choice. Though I can't make them a "Smart Reader", what more a DR., I am reminded, "Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me," Luke 9:46. Plus part of the school holiday shall be dedicated to God by doing what my heart desires...mission...hehe.

Tell me now, how could you say I am in an EMPTY-TIME ministry?

"Whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do,
you must do all for the glory of God,"
1 Cor. 10:31.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flip Over the Sea


7 days to a change of digits

7 days to BK Seminar

84 days to A & S's Special Day

100 days to PTK

148 days to 7th year

185 days to Cambodia (TCF)

259 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

302 days left 4 me to meet the person

Nothing inspirational to blog about but blogging for the sake of adding new countdown.

Finally, my whole year holiday and plan is almost completed but as the saying goes, I can plan all I want but God still has the last say. It's all by His will and I'm submitting everything unto His mighty hands.

I'm already dreaming Kampuchea...haha...Camp Boh Dear....Camera Boh Tea Do a Deer...whatever you call it. Different agenda, different service, different group of people, a renewed hearts, a burning desire, a mission....a vision...a calling....whatever is it...all for the glory of God. Here we come, see nations proclaiming "He is Lord!". One purpose, together we proclaim Christ to the world!

Aiyoh, I sounded so semangat gila...haha...but reality is....

I AM!!!!

*******Praise Him********

Ok...change topic. Recently, I tried out flippers in the swimming pool. WOW! I never know how cool the flippers work. The speed was marvelous. I need not used too much energy on my hands. One speed swimming with flippers is equivalent to 3 speed of swimming without flippers.

Guess what? I found out it's good for my desired fitness, it helps strengthen not only my stomach muscle but my thighs and legs too. Haha but after a while, my legs and thighs were out of strength to flip those flippers. Look simple but it's using quite a lot of energy. I'm loving it.

I'm addicted to swimming despite me being only a "kampung swimmer"...haha..

Dah lah...enough of my non-sense.

To Him be the glory!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Police Academy : Move it, move it...!


9 days to a change of digits

9 days to BK Seminar

150 days to 7th year

187 days to Cambodia (TCF)

261 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

304 days left 4 me to meet the person

What else are there to countdown? This is fun...and scary too...hmm....

I'm feeling rather tired lately...could it be the sign of "old" age? ...haha... *sigh*

Partly it was because....

The haze in Miri is back....and according to one of my friend's blog, the BURNING WAS LEGAL!!

I could hardly breathe...both ways, with and without mask. This is craziness!


I'm working "overtime"...arriving school at 6:15am....going back home by 3:30pm.


too many things on my brain and I'm in the process of completing each one of them ... 5 different sets of exam papers, Sekolah Minggu in Tudan starting this Sunday and nothing prepared yet, my car servicing is one month over due, a report almost forgotten, individualised education plan for 15 students due end of March, holiday and BK....

But I have nothing to complain....this shows that I am alive and well...and I'm loving every second of it no matter how tired I am. Even if I am not satisfied, I don't have the right to complain at all for the fact that....I DON'T EVEN DESERVE THIS LIFE I AM LIVING AND I SHOULD BE DEAD LONG LONG TIME AGO!

Who could imagine what life was for me? ....haha.... but look, now...I'm happy and free...whee!

I'm simply touched by His love, goodness and faithfulness; and amazed by His glory, grace and majesty.

This life is not only to be treasured but to be shared with everyone.

I'm still believing that this is the year of having and sharing LOVE, JOY and PEACE....

Di antara lautan, kehidupan manusia
Ku hanyalah bagaikan sebutir pasir sahaja
Namun Kau mengenalku, Engkau tahu namaku
Bahkan sebelum aku dilahirkan
Kau pilihku, Kau panggilku
Kau bentukku sempurna
Indah pada waktunya
Walau sakit, namun senang akhirnya
Sebutir pasir pun menjadi mutiara.

Monday, March 1, 2010



TCF AGM completed with all glory towards His goodness & faithfulness... =) like always...

11 days to a change of digits

11 days to BK Seminar

152 days to 7th year

189 days to Cambodia (TCF)

263 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

306 days left 4 me to meet the person

It's March...arghh....2 months just flew past me.

Just a reminder to me myself and you, it's the Lent Season...a time to "extra" reflect on the cross and be ready to face Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Lately, "HOME" became a topic and something which I've learned.

One said... "Home is where we are at any God appointed destination."

Another said.... "Home is where the heart is. Where is your heart?"

Both really made me think....

"Can I called Miri my "home"? Where is my heart?"

All these while I've known 3 homes... one,my final "Home"...Heaven. Two, Padang Midin, and third, C3.

I've never ever thought of Miri as my "home", I've known it as a familiar place where my mission field is situated...a place where God had sent me to carry out His work. A place where God taught me many things about life and such...a place where I've grown...a place simply so different from Penisular....the people, the culture. Now I have another "home" if I were to agree with 1st statement which I do agree, Miri is my second "home".

I've never know where exactly my heart is. My heart is so torn in between so many places. My heart is in Sarawak but my heart is also in Penisular and my heart is also in Cambodia. So, where is it exactly?

South China Sea!!!


Who cares??? I'll be back "home" soon...whichever "home", it does not matter, I'm just simply happy for all except to be stuck in Miri.