Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

It is the end of another year and almost the starting of another year.

It's has been going on like this year after year but today, I realised one thing....I am getting older and I will continue to get older, and people around me are getting older as well.

Things and people will never remain the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. People will come and go in life, things will appear and disappear.

As I move on with life each day, I find myself having less zeal to write either on this blog or my diary. I am still wondering why. Maybe I could not find any purpose of writing post after post, pages after pages. What use does it have? But when I think about it, this blog and diary is not for the "now" but it is rather for the "next time". I might not be able to read it again, but someone else in the next generation might read it and what for? Hehe...just for fun, although I hope they could learn something from my life, both the good and the not-so-good.

Anyway, like any other year, I must end each year with praises unto my Father, because He deserves it all.

I thank Father for the privilege of going on missions. Although I did not achieved my resolution, but He allowed me to build this heart for Cambodia. The honour of being able to go on 2 mission trips to Cambodia is something I will not take for granted. I was able to attend Balingian mission and also mission to SMK Suai. The chance to work with different brothers and sisters from different churches also widens my experience and relationship. It was a good time of fun and fellowship in the name of Christ.

I thank Father for Reading Bus. It was a new thing for me but I am very touched by the very fact how this Reading Bus began and I am grateful I could be a small little part of it, that I believe God will make it into something big part of His plan.

I thank Father for the trip from Miri-Sipitang-Kundasang-Sandakan. It was a trip that we never planned in advance and never was it on my mind too but it happened. What was greater, we drove all the way there and back in my faithful little Myvi. It was a "faith trip" because we went there without making any advance booking of hotels despite it was a school holiday, the peak season and God was so faithful in providing for us, guiding and protecting us all the way. It was a unforgettable experience of my lifetime.

I thank Father for being able to visit Singapore. My eyes were opened and now, I really appreciate being in Malaysia, more specific, in Miri. Even though everything was so systematic and advance over there, but I personally find that people are still very aimless and selfish. Their aim is only work and money. They couldn't care about others or rather they do not have the time to care about others because they need to "move" in order to live. What a pity life they have there. Normal people seem to be living in pigeon holes. It's a whole concrete jungle in kiasu land. They are good but I don't fancy them.

I thank Father for all my loved ones whom He had so well taken care of. For my mom, who are still strong and healthy, and living her life to the fullest, always protected, always bless. For my ibu, who were able to serve Him energetically and faithfully throughout the year through the joy that He had upon her, because "The joy of the Lord shall be her strength". For my brother, who always finds the joy in being with children, for knowing and providing for ALL his needs.

I thank Father for all my friends and colleagues who transfered away. For Pearly, who was my faithful companion to church and prayer meetings. For Ramlee, whom I had work with for a little bit more than 7 years through the ups and downs of our special education. For Jaliyah, who was my close friend and colleague, whom I respect for her unselfishness in sharing knowledge, her diligence and being such a wonderful friend to me. For Fazilah, who always gets us into panic mood when actually there was nothing to panic about...a frank person too.

I thank Father for all my friends and colleagues who are still here with me in Miri and elsewhere around the globe. Without friends, we are are one lonely alien in this planet called Earth.

Last but not least, I thank Father for this life I am living now. It's all beating and moving by His grace and mercy and His hands that heals the wound.

I am able to *SMILE* even more today because I know, He is my Father!

To Him be the glory! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Preah Kun!


Done with Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)...the best mission trip... =)

22 days left for 2010

Sou Sdey!

I was back from Cambodia some time like a week ago. It was the best mission trip I had so far. The team members were excellent. Everyone were able to work in unity although we came from 5 different churches. Wow...I am amazed at how God worked through us.

the waterfront @Phnom Penh

Although we faced a few challenges through the ways, God proved Himself real by not only seeing us through it but giving us the every opportunity that will never come twice.

the team members

I've learned one very interesting fact, truth, lesson, experience or whatever you want to call it..."Play first, work later" really worked well when we have to work together with each other whom we never met before or worked together with. We started our mission this time with shopping time! It was a great time of bonding, of getting to know each other... And when we worked, it was like as if we have known each other for ages. Hmm...I shall practice this one day when I get to lead team on a mission...hehe...

It was a sad news too when we heard about the stampede incident when we had been there in the afternoon, and the incident happened in the night, on the same day. We always thought that the devil must be very unhappy with our presence there. This was not, according to one of our team member, the first time such thing happened when mission team were at some places. Through this, I saw the need to even move faster in reaching to the unreached. "They" are working hard, we, Christian need to work even harder. There is really no time time left. Look at how many lives that were taken away, that still do not know the true and living God? Look at how many that were gone, who did not know what Lord Jesus had done for them?

visit to the hospital - stampede victims

Life is indeed so fragile...and time is surely not waiting for anyone. If we do not wake up from our slumber, we will wake up one day and realised that "It is all too late..". Anyway, by His will, we had the privilege to visit and pray for the victims in the hospital. Not many of them were left in the hospital by the time we came out from the province but we waste no opportunity. It was a good experience no money can buy. I am thankful.

entrance into Angkor Thom

Thom Behkeng - watching sunset

the Elephent Terrance @ Angkor Thom

Apart from all above, "All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull human", we went on holiday to Siem Reap. Although I had just been there few months ago but I gained more info and more experience. Siem Reap is a small city, more peaceful than the crazy busy Phnom Penh...haha but things are more expensive in Siem Reap. I've learned one thing, in Cambodia, you must bargain for almost EVERYTHING....I did not know I can even bargain for the tuk-tuk...haha. Cool...I'm learning the skill of bargaining but I learned to bless the people of Cambodia too. Don't be so super duper Bargain Queen/King until everything single cent also we swallow.

the sunset at Behkeng Hill...I wish I was not afraid of height & had a better quality camera..

Last but not least, I'm beginning to love Cambodia more and more each time I go there. This trip, my 4th trip, I suddenly felt so good to be back and now, I am really missing that land very much. Waiting to go back there in June next year and by His will, end of next year too...haha...I'm loving it.