Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to MMXI !

Blessed New Year 2011!

It's too soon for me to actually post. Anyway, I will be starting my countdown soon.

Maybe I'll start the post today by looking at my Resolution 2010.

2010 Resolution

1. Mission trip to Cambodia - Accomplished, I went there TWICE!
2. Mission trip to Belaga/Kapit/Balingian/Baa Adang - Accomplished, I went to Balingian
3. Finish reading the whole Bible - Not accomplish. Did not even finish Genesis, real bad.
4. Faithfully doing my devotion time...not more than 1 month of missing in no action - Not accomplish, I think I missed more than 3 months.
5. Pray everyday with no exception of missing even a day - Not accomplish. I did missed a few days. I'm talking about intercession.
6. Fast at least the total of 2 months - Not accomplish. I fasted for roughly total of only one month plus.
7. Buy house...haha - Not accomplish. Houses cost more than gold nowadays. Crazy people simply hiking up the prices. I'll just live in a tent in no man's land.
8. Take bike licence - Not accomplish. Not anywhere near it either.
9. Be softer, practice gentleness, control anger, practice humility and humbleness, be an optimist. Failed.
10. Exercise everyday...with not more than a month of skipping...oklah...simple word...lose least 5 kgs. Not accomplish. I only lost 4 kg the most but my ending weight is not so satisfactory.

Resolution 2011
1. Finish reading the whole Bible.
2. Start on my intercession session, at least 3 times a month.
3. Lose weight/ maintain weight of at least 5kg.
4. Attend 2 local mission trip.
5. Attend 1 international mission trip.
6. Get my drum lesson moving.

I have nothing much to achieve this year. It's a year or "pause", but with the little that I wrote, I really hope I am able to achieve it all.

Let's start this new year with a positive attitude, with a humble heart, with a focus mind, willing hands, quick ears and slow mouth, and all the rest giving glory unto Him.

May this year be a year of more learning...more humble...more love and joy.

Let's run the race... =)