Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Weekend

My journey began on Friday, 15th June 2012 and here lies my memories and reflections and etc.

Flight cancelled.
It was the longest journey for me in order to reach Sibu... approximately 10 hours...travelling from north to south and finally to Sibu. I finally got it and felt that God is really so real. I was actually very nervous about the whole conference thing but by the time I reached Sibu at 11pm with all the waiting and tiredness and sleepiness...I've forgotten about being nervous and too tired to think anymore. I was more concerned that I arrive Sibu. oh my...this is how God works.

TCF Sarawak Annual Conference.

Dr Tan Ming Tang : My 1st morning at the conference, God was already teaching me. My lesson, it's all about the willingness of my heart...He will take care of all the rest. It's not so much of what I am good at but it's more of He will use me with everything that I have...even the smallest thing. He can do wondrous with the little I have. So, "Here I am, Lord!".

Somebody : Look beyond the students...there may lies many unknown stuff in them. Learn to give...a little will bring them far into life.

Dr Tan Buck Chye : Mind-mapping!!! The best of all. God gave me this just in time for me to prepare my sharing...and maybe many other sharings or maybe talks!! Hahaha....the coolest of all....

Photography : I think my skills has improved...haha... I think lah.

Friends : I met so many people and Jennifer Chew's advice was the best....start making friends by SMILING!! So simple and so effective. Apart from all, I got to meet Pearly, Elaine and Siew Ping...just like old old time when all of us were in Miri. I miss those days. *sigh*

My memory is bad. I can't remember what I've learnt d...NOOO!!!

I better start practicing my mind-mapping before all gone.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Months

6 months had passed.
The days are drawing closer.
Hearts are pounding, minds are swirling.
Life is still good, in fact, too good.

My 1st SU camp as a volunteer. 
The best that happened during this holiday.
The kids scared me off on first day.
Then I fell in love with them.
Faces so cute, physically so active.
Stories after stories they would tell.
Their life in this decade is definitely not an easy one.
I do miss them especially my group, Caleb.
You are the best, though always disappearing.
It's so good to be back!

God has been really good to me.
Since the day He promised.
He'll bless me more than I can ever imagined.
If I would let go.
I did.
It wasn't easy but I did.
Because I wanted to change.

Whenever He took one away, He gave new one.
It has been happening.
I'm forever grateful.
For two special people.
He brought into my life.
The least expected of all.
The one I could share.
My deepest secret of all.
My deepest sorrow.
In hope to share the joy that I am living now.
What else could I ask for?
You gave me the best.

6 more months to go.
I'm excited, I'm anxious.
I'm waiting, I'm hoping.
For the many things that will be happening.
In this life He gave me. 
All for His glory!