Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coffee or Tea ?


13 days to Cambodia (

87 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

129 days left 4 me to meet the person

Suo Sdey, everyone!

Everyday is a special day because everyday is THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAD MADE, I will surely rejoice and be glad in it! Hehe...

Well, surely there are certain days when you just have no mood to rejoice and be glad, but when that happen, remember....SURRENDER EVERYTHING UNTO HIM... because HE IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING.


Tell me then, is there anything impossible for Him? HE IS THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE!

When you learn to look at the bright side of situations, everything will indeed be bright.

When you learn to look at the positive side of things, everything will be positive.

Why stay in the "dark" when you have the switch to on the "light"?

You are life and life is you!

But, remember, life belongs to are responsible and answerable to Him one day on how you have live the life He had entrusted you with....on Earth.

Life is great and so it shall be....even though there are people out there who just can't stand me living a great life. Thus, tried and are still trying to make life miserable for me. I will not fall into the S.A. Tan's His grace and mercy.

I am not afraid because I know who is always with me and simply because I owe every bit of my life and every beat of my heart unto Him who gave me 2nd chance.

I am still so thankful and grateful unto Him!

To Him be the glory!

My work of art...I did not win but I love my colouring technics... myself "syok sendiri"... and always "lain daripada lain"..
That's me...unique and weird...haha

Monday, August 16, 2010

Suo Sdey!


21 days to Cambodia (

95 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

137 days left 4 me to meet the person

Sayorn suo sdey!

This is the time of the year again!

It's time for Cambodia!!!

Working for Cambodia-TCF and Cambodia-GMC at the same time can be quite confusing for my single-minded mind but so far so good. =)

Starting to feel a little anxious or maybe excited? ...haha... whatever it is... I'm really looking forward to the 2 trips this year.

Some team members from TCF are the same with addition of new team members...I thank God for many men this time round. It's really my prayer to see more men rising up to take the lead rather than just the follower.

Team of GMC are all different from last year except our team leader....quite a challenge for me as I don't think we have young people with us and not many ladies...arghhh....I don't like it. Why? I don't want to lead the Children Ministry!!! Tapi ku pasrah kalau itu kehendak-Nya.

Thinking back...I remember what I said once upon a time when I was still in my youth. I always have this dream of becoming missionary in Cambodia or the Philippines, but hmm, it does not seem to be my calling...but...His calling now is so much better. I'm a teacher and I am also a "part-time missionary"...haha... this is so cool!

Then, I remember what I've said last year. I was not keen at all for Cambodia mission. This was what I told people, "It is too expensive and with the money I spent on Cambodia mission, I could go to the interior of Sarawak to do mission the least 4 TIMES! And why go to the other country when we have not even finished reaching out in our own land!"

Look at how God dealt with my "pride"!

Today, I laughed at myself and were ashamed of my own words. Who do I think I am? I do not know what a MIGHTY GOD I am serving.

God broke my "pride" when He sort of "force" me to join TCF Cambodia mission. He knows who I will not say "No!" matter how stubborn I may be.

That 1st trip to Cambodia changed my whole heart and perspective towards Cambodia. The Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields were the peak of everything. I realised how the people of the past and present and future were...are crying out for a "future". There's nothing more than the need of Christ. HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!

In reality, there's nothing much I can do for them but I believe with the little that God has given me and with that little I offer to them, God will be able to multiply it and make it great. After all, these are His people, His nation...His very heart.

By His grace and will, TCF-Cambodia will be my 3rd trip and GMC-Cambodia will be my 4th.

If He still calls, there shall be more "th" and "rd"...hehe...

But, right now...I need to move and settle down in the new house first before anything else...

With so many things to settle...I'm learning to surrender everything unto Him...if not, I really can't get my brain to focus.

Lea sen hawy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

:. .: :: .. :: :. :..


28 days to Cambodia (

102 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (

144 days left 4 me to meet the person

Suo Sdey!

Time flies....time zooms....time passes by faster than the blink of an eye.

I just would like to share a little of my work in the school which I am still at the very basic of it and have no intention to go any further...maybe just a little bit further than now but never to the advance stage.

See the title above and what the heck is that? Exactly! It carries no meaning except comma, full stop, question mark and etc...I still can't master all the punctuation.

Ok...normally after school, I'll be finishing some writing of Braille in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Maths. No, I am not specialized in Visually Impaired but I do have one student who are visually impaired. So, I took the initiative to learn basic Braille so that this student, who is actually quite smart, would be able to read some writings and do some simple maths.

This is called the "slate" with 100gm A4 paper, the normal pen with rounded tip, the simple story I finished writing in Braille today...

In the beginning, I did not even have the slate to help me write in Braille. I was just using pen and normal 70gm A4 paper but the dots were not very neat and exact and my fingers hurt. I was only able to complete limited writings and I did not do it everyday. Student will just have to make do with whatever she had and because it was an ordinary and 70gm type of paper, the dots wear out very fast and I need to rewrite it so the dots can be felt.

This is how I write using the slate, the paper is upside down and write from right to left...everything need to be the opposite...
There's actually 6 holes at the bottom of the slate. So, I just need to punch the hole using the pen and tah-da!! get an alphabet in Braille...simple..

Then, I was able to borrow a slate from one of my colleagues till this day. Whoa, I was so thankful. It does a great help to my fingers and I was able to write it at a faster speed, thus able to finish more writings in a day. At first I changed to using normal 80gm A4 paper but it was still not very good. I upgraded it to normal 100gm A4 paper this time round, it was a little better but not thick enough as not to make small holes when dots were made. The Braille paper cost too much and I don't think I could get it here in Miri. Anyway, something is better than nothing.

See the tiny holes on some of the dots? That's what I meant by the paper is not thick enough but ok-lah. Still readable...

So far, I had taught her alphabets and numbers. I wrote time tables for her to memorize, words in BM and English for her to read and now, I'm trying to come up with simple stories in English for her. I've done two books and will search for next book....maybe I'll try a few in BM as well. These are all in basic Braille...not even into intermediate yet. Again, something is better than nothing at all.

The finish product of my afternoon in school...the title...Tom's Dog, Snug is a Bug...etc...
As a people who can see, please don't read using your fingers...use your can see.
Let the blind read using their fingers..haha..

I would appreciate so much if the government could supply for us at least one Braille machine. It helps me and the student. Now, the student are only learning to read but I tried teaching her to write using the slate. It was difficult because when using the slate, you need to write it the opposite of the real alphabet. Normal Braille alphabet is already confusing to her, what more writing it opposite.

Anyway, it's kind of interesting and fun, though a little hurting to the fingers....and brain....hehe...

Next..... SIGN LANGUAGE???

I must learn this seriously but I was discipline enough.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Really Greener?


30 days to Cambodia (TCF)

104 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

146 days left 4 me to meet the person

In the midst of packing my "treasure" of 7 years to start another new life in another venue, my mind starts to wonder...again.

"Could the grass really be greener on the other side?"

I'm hearing too much from others and I'm also seeing too much of others.

It's always my dream to migrate to another country to start a new life there but this is still my dream...that have yet to come through and maybe will never come through.

People speak good of other countries...not all the countries but only a few they went there and never ever came to this land. How they admire the education system, the life...the people..the weather..the everything else we do not get in this land.

Kids said they love schooling there when compare to schooling in this land. I am always very curious about the education system in the other part of the world.

Alright, Singapore for example, somewhere nearest to us. They were once Tanah Melayu until they opt to go independent and look at them now, you judge it for yourselves. What is happening over there and what is happening over here?

But when compare with the 3rd world country, we are so much privilege and blessed.

But then, when I start to compare, there will never be an end to anything and in the midst of comparing, I might miss out LIFE.

In reality, there will always be pros and cons in every country, this is the world. There is no where perfect.

This land might not have the best education system, political situation, weather, lifestyles, public transport, and with its hidden discrimination and segregation, and everything else you can think of...I'm still proud to be a Malaysian but please, I'm not into this 1 Malaysia thing.

1 existed long long time ago and as the time goes fades away and now, do you think advertising and making a song out of it really helps?

I still believe in "Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan" but due to pride and selfishness, it only remain in the school textbook, to be read but not to be practice...."Why, why, tell me why??"

Actually, frankly speaking, I rather be known as "Audrey", rather than be known as "Malaysian". Who cares where I come from and who cares what race am I? Does it really matter? Because, in the end of the day, Heaven is where we long to go...our Home...prepared by the One who created us.

So, savor the "coffee" rather than the "cup".

To Him be the glory!

*psst...I still wish to go to New Zealand, by the will of God, I must reach there before I fall asleep. Migrate???..hehe...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

7 Years and Still Going


36 days to Cambodia (TCF)

110 days to Cambodia Medical Mission (GMC)

152 days left 4 me to meet the person

Happy 7th year in ministry of teaching to me, myself and I!

Life as teacher has its' ups and downs just like any other vocation and frankly speaking, I would not have survived this life without my Father's intervention.

It is through this calling that God had molded me and taught me many things in life and my dealing with people around me.

I admit that many times I failed as a Christian teacher...but He is always there to show me my wrongs and help me get back on track.

I thank God for the many people God has brought along this 7 years...those who encouraged, those who are sent as sandpaper, those who knowing and unknowingly influenced my life. Good and not-so-good, I thank God for all because He allows it, all for His glory.

7 years is just the beginning of everything else that are yet to come, for I still have a long way to go by His will and many things to learn.

I thank God for sending reminder to me to stay focus on God and His purpose of calling me into teaching and as a Christian teacher.

Know who I am serving...I am serving the Living God and not walking men.

People may hurt us, jealous of us, get us into trouble, "kill" us...etc...but who can take away the love of Christ in us. God is the God of all...if God is for us, who can be against us?

Eternity is my focus....not the things of the world...status, money, awards are not my focus but to hear my Father says, "Well done, My good and faithful child!" is what I long to hear when I see Him one fine day.

Prayer is the work...serving as teacher is its' reward.

"How precious, O Lord are Your calling for me to become Christian teacher in this lost and broken world...where people really need the Lord. Teach me, O Father humbleness and humility that my whole focus in life is only about You and You alone...and the "world" that You died for."