Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy But Still Blogging

I am not free but the temptation to blog is there. So, here I am, blogging in the midst of finishing my work. Some not serious stuff to blog about....but putting on hold the serious work. Quick!!!

Today, I shall show a few photos on.....


Is it only for men ??? NO! It's also for ladies.... If you are thinking of losing weight, this one kind of fitness you should think of. It really get to have a great body...not just flat but you call it. Get rid of those fats and transform it into muscles. It's cool too.

AND....this is my role model (minus the tatoo)...hehe...

Who's this? Guess...I like her though she is damn sexy...

Will I ever achieve such huge ambition of mine ? Hmm...we'll just wait and see...but I think she does not just exercise. Surely there's something more. Oklah...maybe a little less than what she look like. Now, losing weight is good enough plus a little muscle on arm and legs...hmm...

Let's see what experts has to say....

Hehe...there's so much, I can't make up my mind which is more important. Go check it out yourself if you are interested.

That's all...lift those weights now... watch your food intake as well...and have a positive thinking....and.... ALWAYS KEEP A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD....and you are on your way to a healthy body, mind and spirit....

All for the glory of God!

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 things about me...but I am not tagging!

This is something I would not do but after reading a few...look interesting...let's try it here instead of Facebook...

1. I hate school but I am working in a school.

2. I used to be very quiet once upon a time.

3. I play guitar as my hobby.

4. I am addicted to MouseHunt.

5. I never believe in politics.

6. I eat anything that is edible except human meat.

7. I like cooking different types of it eastern or western...southern and northern...

8. I can be very emotional.

9. I support Malaysian Airlines.

10. I believe in "Jodoh dan ajal di tangan Tuhan"

11. I don't like messes up my other words...I can't think straight in crowds.

12. I can tell a person's character on my 1st meeting with that it a gift...which it's good and it's bad...most of the time it's good.

13. I have almost every basic thing in life except a house, a husband and children.

14. I have 2 moms...which I love and cherish very mom who gave birth to me and my mom who is like my God-mom....but I like to call her my ibu.

15. I am a patient lady but I can also be a hot-tempered lady.

16. I believe in ministry, mission and serving God than just sitting in the church on Sunday doing nothing.

17. I only read when I need to sit for exams, when I am real dead bored and books were the only thing available and when the book look and the first few chapters are interesting.

18. I spend too much time on internet which is really bad.

19. I learnt how to swim accidentally, without my head in the water.

20. I go swimming just to get myself tan apart from a good form of excercise.

21. I own 3 guitars, 2 amp and 1 electronic portable drum....I sound like a pro but actually I am still in the stage of learning....lots more to learn.

22. I own 3 Bible of different language...English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Iban.

23. I am a non-fashionable, old fashioned and simple lady...I don't spend long hours finding for my clothes.

24. I write diaries, journals and whatever you call it....stuff that you only write down and not tell it to anyone....since I was in Form 1...and hope someone will find it and publish it after I die.

25. I never planned my just happen...a direct instruction from God.'s 25. seems like there is so much to tell about ourselves that 25 is just a small little part of it. I enjoyed it. Thanks to the one who tagged me. Now you know a tiny little bit about me. God bless !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yamaha series

Since I was in primary school, big bikes has been my dream. I kept lots of picture of big bikes taken from newspapers and magazines. It was yet the generation of internet. Up till now, I still fancy big bikes and wish I could own one but all I owned was Honda Class 1 110cc and still holding on to my L licence with B and C...haha.

Sharp series

LCD television is another thing that I want even though I hardly watch any television but maybe with a screen like that I would watch more shows. Bad...bad...Anyway, I still wish in Miri, they would sell something smaller than 32" with an affordable price.

Dunno what brand series but I like the designs and the shock absorbent (I think that's what it is called...)

Mountain bike is one thing I was thinking about since I first went to check out motorbikes and was talking about since last year but I don't think I'll get one yet due to limited parking space in my house and there's hardly anywhere that I can cycle to. Yet, it's still nice to have one. It has been ages since I cycled. I wonder if I can still cycle...hmm...

Subang Andaman Condominium, they have nice balcony.

Ampang Boulevard Condominium

D' Rapport Condominium, Ampang, too luxury and pricey but beautiful to own..

Buying or owning a house was seldom on my mind or rather something I don't want to think of because I can hardly plan my future and always thinking that one day, I will be going into full-time ministry. Then last year, someone kept talking and discussing and the temptation was so why not get a house...sooner or later...I'm almost old by the way. It's either now or never. Condominium is my dream. I fancy all the facilities they have especially swimming pool and gymnasium and the idea of cleaning a big house scares me because that's what I am always doing. It has a better security anyway...I said BETTER...

Rain Song Black Ice Guitar

Acoustic guitar with plug in and not exactly the brand shown up there but it is nice though if I could get one like above. You would ask, "What for so many guitars?". Yeah, what for so many guitars when I am not a pro after all. "Because it is my dream to be a pro and I like to own guitars of different kinds". Plucking on electric guitar is nice but I believe acoustic guitar has it's own uniqueness as well...with the wooden and steel sounds...makes it unique. And I need the plug in in order to play through the amp.
Guitar pedal of some brand's a multi kind.

What is this ? I never know guitar has and needs pedal...what for? It is not needed but it is nice to have because you could make different kind of sound effect when you have a guitar pedal. One thing I did not know is that...there are so many types of pedal...whoa! So many I am confused. I am still a beginner when it comes to guitar accessories.

Toyota Avanza 1.5cc

My dream car since it was introduced with Toyota Avanza 1.3cc. Now, with is even better. For years I fancy this car but never step into one until last year....woohoo! Nice, spacious enough and could carry people and stuff...many people and many stuff. I almost wanted to get one when I was deciding what type of car should I be getting but due to lack of financial and it's not like I always carry lots of people and, it is a waste of money and fuel. It's nice though to get this car as the 2nd car and let's go tour Sarawak...yay!

ipod Touch 8gb

I like anything "touch". It sounds great, it looks so classy. The word "touch"...not the ipod. Ipod Touch is the latest technology from Apple and it is really cool. Just look at the picture, it's so so cool. Everything is just with a touch and many touches. It cost quite "touchy" too but affordable but after buying, pocket a little painful. Hehe but it is so tempting not to own one. Get one but not in East Malaysia. Get one in Penisular Malaysia, should be cheaper.

Nokia 5800 xpressMusic

Last but not least. A new handphone. I want and need one. is just too show how much I want this phone.'s a "touching" phone. "But iPhone also got touch touch what?". I like this one's Nokia...Connecting People... It was love at first sight. Even dialing is using the touch technology. Basically everything is touch. So very cool. Then, everything using the touch teachnology, the price has to be "touchy" too. Not so affordable for me. Bankrup. Too much for my pocket. Wait a little while until the price drop to something affordable to me but then, by that time, new technology would be up. Aiyah....Well, that's life when it comes to modern techno.

Want...want...want...but remember, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Taken somewhere from the Bible. So, do not focus so much on the things one earth. Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you. Taken from somewhere in the Bible too.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Treat Us Like Rubbish ?

Read all these comments....not made up but this is a real life words from people...not animals... but heartless people....

1. "Why they get so much allowance for teaching stupid students?"

2. "I alone can take care of 40 students without any helpers. Why you Inclusive Education (IE) teachers can't take care of just 30 something students and still with helpers?"

3. "It is easy to teach Special Education (SE) students"

4. "You IE teachers are very free.."

5. "IE teachers are not cooperative..."

6. "I will put IE teacher's name in the duty list so that we normal teachers do not need to do sit-in"

7. "Normal students is more important than IE students"

8. "This is mental problem students....they're are stupid"

9. "Your IE money (peruntukan) is also our money"

10. "This school should not have Program Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran (PKBP). It should be only Inclusive Education"

11. "Your IE does not have any more money left"

12. "There is nothing special about your IE students"

13. "We will use IE quota until we get our teacher"

14. "Why a disable student like you want to study...menyusahkan"

15. "So, how is your students? Nothing happened, right?"

16. "Your job easier, you don't need to prepare exam papers, you don't need to correct students'
work and don't need to do kerja kursus"

17. "What is so special about your IE stuff that you cannot borrow?"

That's all that I can remember about what had been said which I know there are many more that I do not know...but God knows.

Now let me share about the silent words....deeds done and not done....

1. We are the "slaves" because whatever "normal" teachers do not want to do, we the SE teachers are the victims of it all which some of the time, will effect our students because of our absence due to slavering job. It's better to use a dirty cloth to clean a place rather than a clean cloth.

2. We were never given a sitting place in the staffroom because they said we already have our own sitting place in our resource room (which we are using a student's table each in a corner of our over crowded room) ....but they love to use this statement, "You are all part of the school" but only when it comes to doing slavering job. After much about this issue, they finally gave 2 tables in the corner of the "jungle"... far from "civilization" and use it as a place to "store up goods" and other "civilization" activities. Just because we did not use the place....WHY? We have 10 teachers all together. Such a "caring" society in school...a mission school. A rubbish should be thrown somewhere unseen and need not be in a place nicely decorated and done.

3. We were force to be involved in all school activities. Does not matter whether our SE students are involved or not. This shows how shallow their mind is and they have never been to other school with Special Education because the rule is as long as our students are not involved in a certain activity, we, teachers need not be involved in it. Now, we are doing the slavering job that are supposed to be done by normal teachers....and they still blame us for being uncooperative, expecting us to ignore our students for their sake. Rubbish will forever be rubbish.

4. We were once given a classroom downstairs at Block St Daniel (Block D) and due to the increase number of our SE students, we asked for the next door class which was vacant. It was agreed. We managed to use it...I think only a week before it was taken back for some normal students' use....Rotten Elbow People... (buruk siku). Why need two rubbish dump when one can be set up as a castle.

5. Then because of some poor construction of Block D, we were move to Sewing Room (Bilik Jahitan) on the 1st floor of Block St Eugene (Block E). 1ST FLOOR ??? Again, shows how shallow their brain can be...don't they know that SE can never be put other than the ground floor??? For many safety reasons which I mentioned in my previous writings. Reason....not enough classroom. OK....we have to make the sacrifice because we are just rubbish to them. As long as there is a place to throw the rubbish, it should be fine. does not matter if the rubbish might drop from the 1st floor and die.

6. The govenment gave us some sum of money to renovate our SE classroom but they did not informed us we have such money until the Ministry of Education said they were coming to check our progress...then, they have the guts to come and inform us about what we got and worst of all, they all the guts to tell us they had use some of the money for God knows what. They chose a lousy contracter for us and force us to sign the Local Purchase Order without certain things done but on letter, it is done. Because of some of the money was channeled to God knows where, we had to buy our own paint and do our own painting. Then, some "clever" people just simply come and wanted to claim the whole place to themselves but never even lent a helping hand when we were busy whole day doing all the painting. Some wolf in the sheep's clothing. Why give money to beutify some rubbish?

7. Guess what? After all that had been done and not done, they want to move us to another school. Reason...not enough classroom. The real reason....the unseen reason...we are all just a bunch of useless rubbish. The rubbish is getting too much in quantity and it's poluting the "air".

Love Money & Serve the Rich.

Rubbish will forever be rubbish....thrown here and there and everywhere...but rubbish can be recycled and become something worth more than non-rubbish based item. Hmm...

They will never know how hurt the rubbish is until they themselves become rubbish or own rubbish.

God is still an all knowing God and He is a God who is just.

We are nothing but they....part of the rubbish....are children of Heaven...Anak Syurga...if you have not known....KNOW IT NOW!







Friday, February 6, 2009

A Comparison of School Life...(School C)

Aerial view of Miri


A school I am working in and it is my 5th year...going to be 6th in August. It is quite a small school compare to school A and B and it is situated quite near the roadside and beach is just a few minutes walking distance. It is a mission school...Catholic mission school to be exact. My first impression was it is an old school that is rather poor in it's maintenance which I have not much idea why but still quite an ok school.

There is 6 blocks of building, a canteen, a basketball court (which becomes a parking space for teachers...thanks to the "huge" parking space for teachers), a court for multipurpose usage, a limited car park for teachers and no parking space for motorbikes since not many people from this town rides motorbikes, a school field which will be "flooded" when it rains and a school hall which has a badminton court in it.

This is a 2 sessions school. Morning session will start at 0640 till 1320 and afternoon session will start at 1145 till 1815. Funny right how the hours clashes with each other? One of its' kind in whole Malaysia ???? Or not ?

This school has Special Education Program (SEP) which runs on 2 sessions as well due to limited classrooms. Morning session caters for the mild to severe learning disabled of all sorts (Program Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran) and also the slow learners in Form 4 and 5 (Inclusive Education) which will be taking SPM examination while the afternoon session cater for the slow learners and those who are able to follow normal education system (Inclusive Education) and they will be taking PMR.

SEP were given 1 normal classroom and a sewing room which were renovated to suit the program. Spaces are limited with the increase of students each year. Everything has to be cramped into 2 rooms which sometimes ended up looking like a storeroom rather than a classroom. Thanks to the everyone who "thinks" and "cares" for us. Call it a dumping ground if you like...but with useful rubbish to be "used".

So far I have been here, SEP has moved twice and definately will be moving again because we, like what some said...menumpang di tempat orang. Moving is our job and lastly we were moved to 1st floor which is also one of its' kind in the whole Malaysia ??? Or not ? Just for your information, SEP cannot never be situated on any floor except groundfloor ... and you ask, "Why?" Because my dear readers, our students are special students. Some might be having Cerebral Palsy which restrict their ability to walk, some are with low vision and thank God that we do not yet have any who are using wheel chairs. Plus we have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) students whom, who knows might just drop down from the 1st floor while being in their active state.

One thing about this school that I think should be different from other schools is they actually teaches Bible Knowledge to all forms but only compulsory to Catholic students though others are welcome. This is a good thing and it just started this year. On this part, I give my salutation.

I think that's all I should share about this place...because if I were to write more, someone would be very angry about me and maybe blacklisted me....hmm... Anyway, life in this school is a more polite word....very challenging and is really testing my patience.

How I survive each day? By reminding myself that, God sent me here for a purpose...for a purpose...I need to get it done...whatever purpose it may be and I must know that mission field is never an easy place especially when you think you should be safe in your own ground (Christian ground). Even Lord Jesus was not excepted in His own place and people. Again...all these for a purpose. I survived by faith.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Comparison of School Life...(School B)

Kajang Town at night.


A school I was doing my practical for 2 months. It is a school closest to where I was studying during my university years. It is situated right in the housing estate. It is not a very big school compare to School A but large enough for one to find students who are hiding somewhere. It has roughly about 7 blocks, a canteen, a field, enough parking place for cars and bikes but not covered, an empty space for school assembly and I do not see any hall....hmm...I don't think they have any if I am not mistaken. Oh yeah, they have 2 courts for sepak takraw.

This school has Special Education which was given 2 rows of ground floor block. That is like 8 classrooms. So, they managed to arrange their place into a few parts like, a room for their Programme Coordinator, music and library corner, technical corner, multimedia room, 7 classrooms, a storeroom, a large space for kitchen and they even have a garden especially for the students to plant plants. Plus a small tiny field for Physical Education.

This is a two session school. Morning starts at 7:40am till 1:05pm, afternoon starts at 1:20pm till I have no idea what time because I was in the morning while the Special Education will start from 8am to 12noon.

During assembly, all students will be at the empty space with their bags because they were not allowed to enter their classes until assembly is over. Special Education students were also present at the assembly with Special Education (SE) prefects taking care of their friends. The SE prefects wore the same uniform as the school prefects. No difference between them.

During recess time, SE students are given the privilege to have an earlier recess time...about 10 minutes before the normal students. We, teachers will go into the teachers' corner in the canteen and food were different from the students. Food were good there with a reasonable price.

Whenever there is a staff meeting, not all the SE teachers need to attend, we only need to sent a few representative..that would be enough because all discussed had nothing to do with the SE. Teachers were not involved in any activities run by the school as long as SE students are not involved in it. That is the way how things are supposed to be. SE students are given special event during the sport's day and also during the cross-country. It is really fun and we get to decorate our own "house".

Nothing much to say about this school because I was there only for 2 months but I enjoyed the short stay there with my SE students who were so special...hehe.... the principal who were supportive and the SE teachers who were very helpful as well.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Comparison of School Life...(School A)


A school I studied in for 7 years. The school is situated by the to a palace and by the roadside. It is divided into two parts because we had a huge compound. One is called the "old block" and the other is called the "new block". The old block has about 10 blocks altogether plus a hall, a canteen and a wide empty space for weekly assembly. The new block has 2 blocks of 3 storeys each plus a canteen. Both old and new blocks has ample parking spaces for both students and teachers. Motorbikes parked under a roof sheltered from sun and rain. This school has a large field just beside the sea...I mean quite near the sea...after the concrete wall, jump/climb over it and lo and is the beach. Beautiful. The field has a standard stadium field. It has a domitary for both girls and boys...big..but the food sucks...even the cat does not want to eat it. There goes the government's money into someone's pocket.

It is a one session school. School starts at 0720 hours till 1400 hours with two different recess time. This school has about 2000+ students with each class not more than 35 students in each class but I had the priviledge to study in a class of 17 when I was in Form 6. family.

There are only four sport houses in this school with the name I cannot remember....Laksamana, Paduka, ....erm...forgotten. Anyway, the normal colour house, green, blue, yellow and red. Each students will be given a "house" in Form 1 and stays with him/her till he/she finishes school. Even the school t-shirt is according to our houses. We "fight" to collect as much points as we can in all sports events and activities because each sports/activities will carry points for our houses. E.g. :During Sukan Tara, when we run in the 100 metres, if we are able to finish the run within 1 minutes, we can collect 4 points, if 1 and half minutes 3 points and so on. The same goes with others like long jump, lontar peluru, even Merentas Desa has points if you are able to finish the race within 1 hour. Everything, as long as it is sports, has point for your house. So, each one is very important in collecting points for his/her house.

Merentas Desa or Cross Country is something I enjoyed very much in this school which I did not even miss once this event. Not that I am a runner but I just love it because I am sure I can at least get one point for my house and I love to run (walk) on the beach. Yes, half we run by the roadside, then into housing area...on the beach and lastly on the concrete fence...YES...we have to walk on the fence before we can reach our school. It was fun.

During the Sport's Day, most of the time I will be in the marching team for St John Ambulance and then as a first aider. Before the Sport's Day, we will be trainning very hard under the sun for our marching that we will turn out well and in hope that we will win the marching competition. We had to "fight" against the army and police team which are very good because they are trainned by the army force....not fair. Even so, in 1994, we managed to win beating all the rest. That was the one and only victory because after that year, the members we lazy and from the trainning, I knew we will never make it again. Lines were not straight enough, hands were not of the same actually need to use a little bit of brain during marching and concentration is very important. It is very smart if the team did it nicely. Anyway, because of that one time winning, we had a high reputation. Thanks to a very dedicated teacher...Puan Jumilah Dahlan. She did a great job and she was very commited. I pay tribute to her here.

Extra co-curicular activities is compulsory to all students and each students need to join 1 club, 1 uniform body and 1 sports. We are free to choose what we wanted to join and all these activities will be carried out only in 1st semester. 2nd semester is concentrated on academic except for some "exclusive" ones like...hehe...St John Ambulance...hehe... In my lifetime in this school, I was in the English Club for 5 years, Economic Club for 2 years (dead), Archery Club for 2 years, Hockey Club for 2 years, St John Ambulance for 5 years and PBSM (St John's rival...I'm still not a fan of PBSM) for 2 years (dead). Different activities are run on different day.

Prize giving thing which I am never involved in because....hmm....I was a so-so students. Prize is given to students with the best 3 results in the whole form and it is given only a year after because marks will be counted for 2 semester's examination. Not easy, you have to be really really good.

Assembly is something nobody likes because we had to stand in the open air and under the morning sun for almost an hour with 98% of nonsense talk and sandflies which bites...real itchy that I had to rub some insect repellent before I go for assembly. Rain is what we always hope for...haha....and then when it gets heavier....RUN!!!!! Everyone will be running to get some shelter and assembly dismiss...yay!

Public examination was done in the hall for PMR and SPM but during our STPM, we had to sit it in the classroom because the hall was being used by SPM. STPM has less students. Before STPM examination, we helped the teachers arranged the classroom and paste the table label...chose our best table and chair because we already know where we are sitting...hehe.

School was never fun when I was in school but looking back, somehow I had some kind of fun that I will never have it again now. Those were the days....lost and gone...but only memories, both good and bad.