Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life of a Boat

Recently, I had the privilege to be on a boat. It was such a different scenario altogether. No more surrounded by land but waters and boardwalk. Away from the hectic life where everyone seem to be rushing here and there.

It was such a peace to be on the boat, with the view of the ocean...ok...near the ocean. God was really good. The skies were extra lovely on the day we were there. Thanks to our dear friend.

At times, I still wish I would be somewhere far far away from the world around me, in the middle of an ocean where nothing you see except water and more water.

At times, I wish I am surrounded by my loved ones...just like a school of dolphins following me on a sailing journey.

At times, I wish I am never alone...the stars spreading across the skies...the moon shinning bright into the starry night.

At times, I wish to be the comfort of a "house" in the cosy, so at at peace.

At times, I wish I would not be absorbed into the rat race of life...sailing gracefully through the ocean.

At times, I wish I did not make the mistake I did...the lighthouse flashing its light to show it's getting near to the land.

At times, I wish I would not be writing nonsense here like now....sailing to who knows where, just because I have all the time and fuel in the world.

Life is always great...focusing on our next destination where we would parked our boat...and enjoy all over again...the beautiful scenery of a shipyard. The skies above and beyond...waters all around...till the next journey.

Minus the STORM!