Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008 !!! *sob*

Today shall be the last day of me writing on this blog for this year. As I have written, it has been a wonderful year despite all the challenges I had to face. Like many of you, I know that in everything, God is with me, working within me, molding me each day with His skillful Potter's hands.

I look forward to another a few hours time. Like every year since I came to Miri, I will be spending my new year eve in the church with all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, worshiping, singing songs of praise and pray...and not forget, thanking Him above for all through this year.

For because of my heavenly Father, I can now look towards a brighter future. I do not know what my future will be but I know it is in my Father's hands. May our lives be focused on Him alone and may everything we do be for His glory alone. More of Him and less of us. To God be the glory great things He had done in our lives through 2008.

Thank you, Lord!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Memoirs of 2008 in a blink.

It is almost the end of the year 2008. This year saw the changed in my life. My life was turned 180 degrees. I used to focus a lot on my ownself, my own life, my own dreams, my own visions, my own lifestyle, my ways....but through all that I have been through, I know God has a plan for me. He made me learnt from my own choices, my own mistakes. I am weakened but made strong by His strength, I am lost but now am found, I am sinful but made clean by His blood, I am down but He lifted me up with His mighty hands, I felt hopeless but He gave me hope through His love, I gave up on life but He gave me up to I am a new person....

This year brought many challenges to my life as well. I was faced with PTK exam for the 2nd time on my birthday. Like usual, I studied real hard but in the end of it, I surrendered it to God. Praise be to God that I finally finished my PTK Tahap 1. You know how much I hated exams.

Then, it was this whole softball club issue. Students nowadays are very demanding and they sometimes acted as if they are wiser and better than us. So, they do things their own way without knowing the consequences of things. Maybe it is good for a short term solution but what about the long time effect? Teachers had no right to say anything, the so-called coach has all to say. What a school club? Better be a private club. Anyway, when things happened, people finally came in to help with this troublesome softball club which finally I gave up and just follow the flow. Just do what I think I needed to do and next year.....what about next year? We'll see what's in store.
Next...something which should not be happening but it is happening. God sent me a real difficult people to handle. "Why, Lord?" was my questions but after so much struggle and fightinh within me as a human who has its limitation and as a Christian who should be doing what God want me to do, with much prayers and complains and asking for advice and many sermons which happens to be on the topic of Love...Love Your Enemies...bla..bla... I need to stop everything and concentrate on what is important. The important thing is my students...the important thing is...again....Love...the important thing is pray and followed by action. The reason everything, God has His own purpose for it. I know God is teaching me something out of it no matter what. I need to focus on God and not on men.

Now...the good thing...the nice thing in year 2008. Hmm...I bought myself an electric guitar within an affordable price which I am quite happy about it and I get to play it in the church...plucking style....during the prayer meeting. I am happy to be able to finally play guitar in a group though it is only during prayer meeting. I enjoyed every moment of it. I am very thankful to God for these fingers I have. Not a pro but music came out of it still...hehe.

2nd...finally...I need not deal with money anymore from the church. At least I don't need to shake and break my brain when trying to figure out where, when, how, why about the money. Everything has been passed over to another person and next year, I could focused fully on Sunday School (Sekolah Minggu)....but I am still wondering where to get Sekolah Minggu teachers??? My job God has given me for next year. A new responsibilities, a new challenge, a new trust...not easy but it is not impossible as well. All for the glory of God....for the children God cares.

3rd...which are very materialistic....managed to get myself a laptop, 3G Celcom internet and glasses for my glaring problem. All very satisfying...I mean affordable price and good quality. of the best of mentor finally became my ibu and my ibu came to Miri on her birthday. Buying present for someone much older than me and someone whom I don't live with it's not easy. You do not actually know what they like or dislike. Took me weeks to think about it...believe it or not....believe it....I even prayed about pathetic of me. I finally decided to buy a soft toy but the one I wanted, they do not have it, so just do with what they have which actually the same thing but with a different shape and extra colour. Curious?? Ok...I wanted a lamb (it was really cute) but I ended up with a cow (quite cute also but lamb was better). best of all...I finally managed to spend time with my ibu, and 3 aunties (calling them aunties make them sounds old....but they are not actually that's a form of respect). I can't remember the last time I stayed was years after my STPM examination?? Maybe... That is like year 1999 or was it 2000? Somewhere there. Oh, how much I misses them without me realizing it all these years. I was very very glad to see them again and able to spend some time with them. How could I forget everything that happened during my 4 days there? Four seems like one when you are enjoying every moment of it. Everywhere I go and everything I do, I have regrets for things I should do and things I should not be doing.

Last....there are so many things to cherish for the year 2008 that I can't mention it all here. I bet some I have forgotten. No matter what, every year is a new what ibu said, "This year is a great year". was a great year and till today, it is still a great year because our God is great.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday in the Land of No Turtles...Kuala Terengganu

The 4 lanes road from my house to the town center.

Holiday has officially ended for me for the year 2008. This year, my year end holiday is only about 3 weeks compare to previous year where it was about 1 and half month (away so long that even my car battery was out). This shorter holiday is due to my responsibility in invigilating the SPM which lasted about 1 month though the days I actually invigilated was only 9 days. Even so, I quite enjoy invigilating examinations because I get to visit other schools and "Wow" about all the facilities they had there. Particularly this year, I enjoyed invigilating the most, both PMR and SPM because I got a good school. Students were great and did not create any trouble for us. Apart from that, I like getting to mix with teachers from other schools. I am so cocoon in my own school that I forget teachers existed elsewhere too and they too, sometimes faced the same problems as I faced in my school.

Taman Tamadun Islam...see the Crystal Mosque?

Holiday this year was totally different from previous holidays I had and I enjoyed and treasure it the most though it was a short one (3 weeks is short for a year end holiday...don't compare it with your place if you are not a teacher). Holiday started with me busy buying stuff from Miri to bring back to Penisular Malaysia and then busy packing it, making sure the weight does not exceed the limit which is 20kg for check-in luggage (but they did not exactly mentioned the limit for hand luggage..hehe). This year I packed extra clothings too because I will be spending a few days in Aunty Nyuk's house.

Off I flew on a 0620 hours flight to KLIA. By the way, for your information, this is the earliest flight to KLIA from Miri. Skies at 0620 hours might be still dark in Penisular but it is not in Miri. Took a taxi with a kind of weird taxi driver which was not familiar with the road in USJ. My next destination is USJ, visiting my ibu, Aunty Nyuk, Aunty Sok Yan and Aunty Yoke Sim. Four days were short but it was totally full of quality. They were great and really took good care of they always do once upon a time. Food were more than sufficient and "entertainment" were more than what I expected. It is good to be back with them after a long separation. I cherished each moment and wish I could spend more time with them next year and year to come.

My aunt, my cousin and my nephew from Penang came down to Kuala Terengganu early December and I really thank God that everything work out in such a way that I managed to meet them before they go back to Penang. They were supposed to go back on the day I was to fly back to Kuala Terengganu but somehow God made it rained everyday that my cousin's husband could not come down to pick them back. Finally, my cousin insisted staying a few more days till I am back. I am glad and happy to be able to meet them and also my cute little nephew. He is big now and is at the cutest and "naughtiest" time of his life...2 years old. Hehe...but he is a smart boy. Though just a short time with him, I hope to be able to see him again this Chinese New Year.

My nephew....cute and smart.

Last but not least, I get to be with my whole family, my mom, dad and brother. Every year, my brother usually will bring along his "children" but this year he did not. So, he is freer and I could spend time with him. Eating time were our best fellowship time because the rest of the time, my mom will be busy doing house chores, my dad will be in his "nest", my brother will be doing his own thing and I will be definately on my computer.

Oh yeah, plus, ibu and the whole gang came to Kuala Terengganu, a day after I came back. I was waiting for a chance to be with them when finally Aunty Helen called and asked us to join them in the lunch she has prepared for all. It was really good to be able to meet them again (as if I have been apart from them for such a long time...haha...). Then in the night, I had the priviledged to send them to the airport...and hey.....I met Rafidah was in bright light blue clothing. Sending people off is not a happy thing for me, knowing I will not be able to see them again until a certain time and knowing that I will miss them very much, especially people I ibu, my parents, my brother, my aunt, my cousin, my nephew.

Things are back to normal again for me....go to school, go back to my house, go to church, go to music lesson....hmm....that is my norm.

Above all, I thank God for this year's was very special and different. Things I do not plan but God knows what I wanted and needed. He provides....I received it with much gratefulness and most cherished.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Carols.

A group of carolers came to my house on 23rd December 2008. My mother, brother and I were busy half of the day preparing light refreshment for them which was supposed to be about 40 people. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures at all....*sigh* Finally they arrived exactly at 8pm and it turned out there were only about 20 plus people. My mother invited some neighbours to join along. Everything turned out well...enough food...and good fellowship though I was busy making sure everyone gets what they wanted. Here are some pictures to share.

The international carolers from St Andrew's Anglican.

The local Malaysian carolers also from St Andrew's Anglican.

Me, mother & father.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christian, Unite !

Lord Jesus praying...

Unity among the believers were the last prayer our Lord Jesus prayed before His crucifixion.

John 17:20-23 (NIV) "My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one : I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me..."

1. Why so many denominations ?

Non-Christian friends are always asking this questions over and over again that I could not really get an answer for them. All I could say is...we have different kind of approach in terms of worship, praise and singing but we are still believing in the same belief.

I guess why people asked this question is because they failed to see the unity we have among all denominations. We failed to practice unity among all denominations. We tend to separate our ownselves.

"I am a Methodist." "I am an Anglican." "I am a Roman Catholic." ....etc.

This is how we always addressed ourselves rather then directly tell them that we are His disciples, unless we are the so-called-Christian.

Christ for the world.

We should put aside all this denominations thing and work together as one for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Remember that we all bear the name of Christ and so, we are His followers. It does not matter which church we are coming from. In the end of the day, it is our heart that matters to God.

One in the body of Christ.

Let us all join together as one body of Christ (not only on Christmas and Easter) and move towards the whole world that His glory and love may be shown to all, that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.

Remember our Lord Jesus' prayer for us....that we shall be in complete UNITY.

2. Christians are proud people.

What is happening among us that non-Christian would come up with such statement? What did we do or what did we not do? Let us all take a look at ourselves. Are we too concern about our ownselves that we failed to look at the needs of other? Do we hear the cries of those around us?

Ok...let us get to very small and basic things in our lives. Forget about all those holy holy stuff. Do we say thank you to everyone that offer services to us ? Some might say, "They should be saying thank you to us because we are giving them business." Can we be humble enough to say thank you to everyone who do us deeds? And....make sure our thank you is really sincere from our hearts and not some word we say that has no meaning at all.


Do we smile to strangers? I don't mean going around smiling at everyone but like someone you are sitting with on a public transport....the toilet attendants....the guards....the gardener....the old lady. Do we smile and wishes someone from our church when we meet them outside the church especially when we come from a huge church and hardly have any chance of meeting each other in the church ?

When we received a lousy service at a place, are we the first to shout and complain like as if it is the end of the world ? Do you always fight for your rights when everyone else just forgive and forget ?

Humbleness : Lord Jesus washing the disciples' feet. humble in every situations. Say thank you from your heart and smile because smile might help brightens someones' lives. Smile is contagious. I always remember this saying from a pastor some time ago... "The only rights we have is....... NO RIGHTS!" Remember WWJD (it was popular once upon a time).... What Would Jesus Do? Think, use the brain God has given us and not act upon our emotions.

Do not be proud! Proud people are foolish people.

Be united just as Christ is united. Let the battle not be the battle among Christians but the battle towards the evils. Let us work together for the sake of God. Quarrel no more is time to reach out to the lost.

Christians...UNITE !

People of God....unite.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teacher ... A Full-time Worker ?

Missionaries are considered as full-time worker in the ministry to the world.
Pastors are considered as full-time worker in the ministry of churches.
Scripture Union staffs are full-time worker in various ministries.
Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) staffs are considered as full-time worker in the ministries among students.
Staffs from a few other non-profit organizations (NGO) are considered as full-time worker.

So, what does "full-time worker" means ? Literally it means, someone who work all the time. In the context of Christianity, it means someone who work all the time for God in areas we called the ministry.

Why are not Christian teachers considered as full-time worker as well ?

Can Christian teachers be considered as full-time worker as well ?

Christians leaders are always calling us to answer the call into full-time ministry. What is this full-time ministry ? Do I need to give up my current job and go into some job that is called "full-time ministry"? Is not my job now a "full-time ministry" as well ?

I always believe that my job as a teacher is a full-time ministry. Christian teachers should be considered as full-time worker provided they are doing the ministry of God and not because teaching is the only job that they could find especially during this economy downturn in the world.

Let me share with you how teaching is a full-time ministry for me and also should be for all teachers who called themselves Christian.

1. There is a need. Heard the call. Answered the call.

Teachers are not favourites among the societies. Everyone seems to be eyeing for something greater in life, something they can show to the world. Few really want and desire to be a teacher. Few take it as their 1st choice of ambitions. Many ended up becoming teachers after they found out that it is not easy to find for jobs in the world of today.

Christian teachers are few to find in school nowadays. Christians do not see the lives they can impact in the schools. As human, we sometimes got so caught up with the race of life that we do not see the needs in our surrounding. We send our children to school and hope the education system will do the rest for them. We failed to see what values are our children learning in the school system of today.

God opens my eyes and ears to see and hear the need for more Christian teachers in the midst of the Malaysian education system, in the schools that we will be able to bring impact in the lives of children and youth of today. What more in the area of Special Education ? For my life of almost 29 years, I have not personally meet any Christian teachers who are in this ministry. Either the number is so few that the kebarangkalian to meet is little or I am so caught up with my own life.

When He fixed my eyes 1st time on this "Pendidikan Khas"....I knew right away, there is where He wants me to go. Right away I filled my form, Pilihan Pertama : Pendidikan Khas and without any doubt and having full faith that I will surely get my 1st choice.

He showed, He called and He said, "Write". I saw, I heard and I write.

2. All for Him, for His glory, for His people.

Everyone has a purpose in their job. Everyone wants to achieve something. Everyone has things to prove about themselves. Working in a ministry that is in the secular world can bring so much temptations. The world runs and I seems to be wanting to run along, the world is chasing after wealth and fame and I want to follow their chase, the world is moving towards the opposite direction of life and I am tempted to move along, the world going towards doom and if I am not aware, I might be drifted into a world of doom.

As for me, job may seems demanding, stressful and sometimes beyond what I should be doing but keeping in mind that life is not about living for people, not for myself but for God. We can do so much in life, we can achieve so much in life, we can earn millions in life, we can have everything in life but in the end, we know that everything we have is back to zero, back to nothing. In the end of the day, it is us, we, our ownself that we will give back to our Saviour.

Everything work and responsibility that is given to me, I do it not to gain popularity, not to earn praises, not to please my authorities, not seen as a burden but all I do, I do it for my Lord, it is all for Him and for the sake of all the people He loves that He may receive all the glory and praises.

In Colossians 3:23 said, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for men."

It is easier said than done you might say. So, don't say it, just do it. Learn to focus on God and get our attitude right and we will be off serving God rather than serving men.

3. Our school, our mission field.

All the "full-time staff" has their own mission field. For some, it is in another country, for some it is in an area, for some it is in university, for some in certain town or place. As for us, teachers, our mission field is obviously the school. As soon as we are in the school compound, that is where our mission starts.

Just like a missionaries, they work among the people of the world, from all walks of life, religious background and ethnics. They have to go through what the world is going through. It is considered one of the best ways in reaching out to more people because they are living in the world. That is how they reach out to the world.

Like them, we Christian teachers work in a school where it is populated with colleagues, non-teaching staffs, school cleaners, school guards, parents and students which comes for all walks of life as well, different religious backgrounds, different beliefs and ethnics. We go through what everyone has to go through, from teaching to handling countless paper works. We live and work with everyone and the only difference is we are Christian teachers. We are in the school, not only to teach, finish paper works, conduct various activities, mark books and exam papers etc but our main purpose is to be used by God to touch the lives of the many in school that everyone might know this God of love.

4. Comfort zone turn God's zone.

Since childhood, no one ever dream of worse in life, no one ever dream of stopping at a point of life where everyone thinks that point is just the beginning of it. People dream of a better life (even though life is already so good for them), people dream of achieving higher dreams and achieving greater heights, people dream and dream what is above and beyond the situation and life they are in now.

Personally, I could dream of working in a place or job that will offer me even higher pay that what I am getting now, I could dream of working in a place where all my friends and family are, I could dream of aiming higher in my education background, I could dream of being more thrifty and saving more money that I could afford and own something greater than what I am having now, I could dream on going for holidays in overseas, I could dream on having the whole weekend to myself...sleep late, wake up late, watch movies, goes shopping, just laze around but these are just dreams that I never dreamt of because there are greater dreams that I could dream and hope and do that will bring greater effect in the lives of others rather than my ownself.

I choose a job as a teacher although the pay does not allowed me to spend luxuriously but compared with many others in the world, I am contented. I chose Sarawak as my 1st choice of posting eventhough it is miles away from my known friends and family and admitted that the choice was actually His choice for me for many reasons. I choose experience rather than master degree and pHD, knowing that I can do so much for God and for my students in those years if I ever choose to futher my studies. I choose to spend and invest some money in the lives of my students for the things that will take months and years to be approved....provided it is approved. I choose to go back home during my holidays and only travels within Malaysia, knowing that Malaysia is my home and it is a land of many beauties. I choose to make myself busy during the weekends that the girls from the Girls Brigade and children from Pusat Injil Methodist Tudan could sing praises to God, so that they could learn more about God and bring a difference to the next generations.

All done for the glory of God who has done more for us.

Why aren't Christian teachers a full-time worker ? We are a full-time worker, we are missionaries just like the rest with school as our mission field. Working and serving God and His people that we might give Him the glory and that people might come to know His love He has for each and everyone of them.

Let us take the challenge God has given us to live and work as a full-time Christian teacher who are wiling to be used by God to bring chances in the world rather than just be a teacher who happens to be a Christian.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teaching ? What's That ?

Teaching in the olden days used to be a highly look up to job. Everyone if given the chance would like to be a teacher. Teachers are well respected. No one would go against a teachers' opinion. Teachers are always right.

Teachers to be will be chosen among the best and talented especially in sports. Not everyone can be a teacher even if you are dying to be one. You need to be good even though you only hold a Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE). One thing, teachers of those days are not well paid. Enough just to support himself moderately.

I cannot say much about teachers of those days but what are teachers in present days? Listen to this carefully, "You better study hard. If not, you'll end up becoming a teacher." This was what I heard many years back. What happened to the standards of teachers? Are teachers among the lowest rating in the job industries? Why a last option among people?

Teachers in the present days are like odd workers. We teach, do counseling, collect money, issue receipts, prepare minutes, do statistics, create lesson using technologies, photocopies all kinds of materials, in charge of various jobs during school events, invigilate exams etc.

Principals wants his fame and teachers work like crazy. Principals wants 100% passes in all subjects and teachers teach like crazy. Principals wants a well maintain and clean school and teachers clean the school like crazy. Principals wants more fund and teachers ask money like crazy. Principals wants an excellent school based event and teachers/students running here and there like crazy. In the end of the day....the principal are happy and all the teachers are dead .... like crazy.

Teaching is not a respectable job in the present days. Teachers get blamed for all mistakes, it does not matter whose fault. Teachers opinions are just a teacher's opinion and it shall remain a teacher's opinion. Talk much and you shall much be black listed. Do much and you shall be given more to do.

These are all viewed from the eyes of the secular world. Teaching is a horrible job, you work like crazy, you work until you are dead.

Let us take a look at teaching from the eyes of a God's child.

Teaching is a noble profession chosen by the One above for special people only.
Teaching teaches us to be patience when handling students, colleagues and higher authorities. Teaching teaches us to be like Lord Jesus, many people would not like us but we will endure the race for the sake of the God given mission.
Teaching teaches us to be responsible towards our job that one day we will be able to be a responsible citizen of Heaven.
Teaching teaches us to persevere when times are tough, when things goes the wrong ways, when we are wrongly accused...when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Teaching teaches us to pray all the time...not only for ourselves but for our students, colleagues and everyone involved one way or another in education line.
Teaching teaches us to be submissive towards higher authorities even though we may not like their management because indeed they were chosen by God as well.
Teaching teaches us to work as if we are working for God and not for men so that we could give all glory to Him in the end of the day.
Teaching teaches us to have faith in our Father when our work and people seems impossible to deal with.
Teaching teaches us to love one another, to love those whom God loves....that includes everyone especially colleagues who are always stabbing our back, students who raises his hands against us because he was given warnings against smoking and higher authorities who scolded us in front of dozens of students for something everyone is responsible.
Teaching teaches us to be humble when a job is done successfully that only God might receive all the praises...not mine, but Thy will be done.
Teaching teaches us admit our weaknesses, work on our strengths that comes from God in order for work to be done.
Teaching teaches us to forgive and pray for those who hurt us.
Teaching teaches us to be witnesses for Him in the midst of this broken society.
Teaching teaches us to be followers of Jesus in everything we do and say.

Our Lord Jesus is our perfect teacher who teaches us how to live as a teacher.

May He will be done upon us as we continue to serve Him in this ministry of teaching.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gloomy Skies in the Land of No Turtles

Today is the 7th day in this land of no turtles...Kuala hometown. I thought I would be seeing rain the 1st day I stepped down from the plane but God is so good. It was about 4 days of sunshine. Instead, it was raining in KL/PJ. That should not be right. Normally in the month of November and December (and sometimes till January), it will be raining non-stop and I could hardly see any sunshine in East Coast of Penisular but well, things turn out differently this year.

Yeah, let's talk about my stay in USJ. It was a memorable one since I last visited that place years ago. Things did not change much but people change. People whom I have not seen for such a long time, frankly, they are "growing". Time flies without me realizing. I am obviously "growing" too, though looks are so deceiving. Fish is a word I would not forget about this trip for the rest of my life. Friendship is what I cherished. Caring is what I admired. Presence is what I will miss. May I have more chances to be with people sometimes I take for granted. I did not take any photos. I have no idea why... just did not take any. Somehow regretted it.

Now, back to the Land of No Turtles. Weather is back to what it should be, cold, chilly, gloomy, windy...rainy. I like this weather but clothes will take a long time to dry. I will try to take more photos soon...

ps : Skies were taken at about 5pm. It is gloomy but windy and chilly.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday in USJ...Subang...

Today ends the time I am spending in USJ. I have a few things to share about what I got from my short stay here.

Kuala Lumpur/PJ/USJ

It is a very hectic area. Cars are everywhere, people are everywhere. Everything seems to be moving...except still cars in the parking lot. Coming from a land where things are not so hectic, I am a bit tired by all the traveling although I was not the one driving. I was just sitting in the car. It's tiring to sit and experience the 2nd hand of the whole scene and it is tiring to see the driver driving because most of the the time, it is us who are not driving...are actually the one that does most of the driving. We often press the invisible brake, we watch the side mirror more often than the driver, we look left and right and behind. We give a stares at weird drivers who are not using their God given brain.

People are always talking about earning more money. Making money, losing money...everything about money. Even in the church, pastor talked about praying for people who are in business loss, owing people money...bla...bla..bla... So boring to everyday listen about money. Yes, it is important. I do not deny it but it is like everything is about making more money. I'm not saying from where I come from, people do not talk about issues like that but at least I do not hear that in the church. I hear more about investment in God's reaching out to the going for mission. I hear about storing your treasures in Heaven and not on earth. Do I really care if I have no place to stay one day ? I care but ..... who cares ?

Oklah...done for now. Will write more. Need to walk to A8...that is another end.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bird's Brain

I arrived Kuala Lumpur/Selangor in the morning about 8:45am. I took Malaysia Airlines (MAS) since Air Asia is not-so-friendly airline to me but little did I know that I would meet brainless people in MAS. The steward/stewardess were nice but one passenger I knew has no brain but do not realised it.

I bought MAS tickets online and I paid online and I booked my seating online in advance. I was sitting the 1st flight which is 0620 hours. I arrived about 5am, even the airport was not opened yet. Ok...everything was fine...I thought MAS is not a free seating flight unlike Air Asia but human are still human, they rushed into the plane as if there would not be enough sits in the plane or maybe the plane will leave them if they are not fast enough. So, there they are rushing rushing rushing and I was not going into this "mad race" for nothing.

The plane I did not sit.

In I go, find my seat which is 24A...hey, that a window seat. I thought good, I'll be able to use my laptop and take some photos but heck, when I reached there, my seat was not vacant. One brainless man was on my seat. 24B was empty which I think was his seat. one likes to be sandwhich in between. I was looking at him and he was just looking back me as if he was right and I was wrong. So, fine....I don't want to argue just for one stupid seat that I booked so much earlier so I rest properly and take some photos. Whatever.....!The lady from 24C was nice enough to get up and let me in.

Some people are just "considerate". Hey, MAS does not practice 1st come 1st serve ok !!! Or maybe he doesn't know how to read and see the ABC sign above. I thought he was the only brainless one but no !!!! This guy was more brave. Obviously, someone was sitting on his seat. So, he asked that person, "What's your seat number?". That person answered, "A". Then that guy asked him to see above, "But here it's written D, E, F...". Haha...I was laughing inside me but that guy actually did not mind sitting anywhere but hey, I wished I have the guts to do what he did...haha. Cool man.

Anyway, human are human. Everyone has brain. The only difference is whether they are using it or not.

So, what is the point of me booking my seat when in the end, it is still 1st come 1st serve basis. Only difference....u still get to sit somewhere on the same row.

Well, as human who are using her brain, just forget it. Sit anywhere as long as you arrived safely...minus the photos I wanted to take....and the laptop I wanted to use (because sitting in the middle, I had no place to place my bag)...fine... *sigh*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coffee Freak.......... Addiction or a Habit ?

1. ... is a state of being unable to stop taking something such as alcohol and a drug
2. An ... to something is a constant need for it, developed as an initial liking that leads to habitual use.

1. Your ... are things you do regularly or often.
2. A ... is also something, usually bad, that keep you doing because you can't stop yourself doing it.

C.F loves coffee so much. He drinks coffee everyday without fail. At least 3 times a day. This is a must for him. Without coffee in a day will make him incomplete and he can't seem to concentrate. He gets angry if he doesn't drink coffee. He needs's part of his life. Coffee = coffee = "dead".

S.F loves smoking very much. He started smoking when he was in form 1. Since then, he could not stop smoking. It started with 2 sticks a it's like 2 packs a day. It is a must for him to smoke especially before and after each meal. Without cigarette in an hour makes him feel incomplete...makes him feel so dead and he cannot concentrate. He gets angry if he does not smoke for too long a period. Smoking = smoking = "dead"

A.F loves "drinking" very much. he started "drinking" when he was with his friend in form 2. Since then, he cannot go without alcohol. Alcohol is part of his life. he drinks a varieties of alcohol such as beer, wine, champagne, liqueur, etc long as he drinks. If he does not "drink", he could not sleep at night. He will be awake and grumpy. "Drinking" = drink = "dead".

We normally called this situation as addiction. Addicted to coffee (tea)...addicted to smoking....addicted to alcohol. We never called it habit. "It's his habit to drink coffee (tea)'s his habit to's his habit to "drink"".

I personally view this 3 situations as the same .... no difference when one just could not live without a thing. It is addiction and addiction to certain things is bad ... real bad.

But those who are addicted to coffee (or tea) deny that they are "addicted" to it and it is as bad as being addicted to smoking, drugs, "drinking", alcohol, etc.

Well, any kind of addiction is not good. Apart from that, I have no comment. Judge it for yourself whether it is an addiction or a habit. Does it really matter in the end ?