Friday, July 31, 2009

A Visit to the Beach

Today mark the 6th year I am living in this place called Miri.

Today mark the 6th year God send me to this place called Miri.

So, in conjunction with my 6th anniversary of life in Miri, I paid a visit to Luak Esplanade, Miri right after school.

After my Bible Knowledge class today, I made another visit to the beach since it was quite a hot day. I don't think there would be any tsunami on a day like this. Anyway, I always like the beach, the seaside, the sea, the breeze, the wind and ... most of all, the peace during a hot afternoon by the sea.

I expected no one there but, hmm...there were a few cars there and a few workers cleaning up the place. If comparing it to weekends and weekdays' evening, it's only like 0.5% of the people.

Today was a very windy day. I tried to take a few pictures but I was fighting with the wind so that my camera does not shake too much. I managed to take a few pictures. It's just my hobby and some crazy-nothing to do thing to do.

I love Fridays. I was about to drive all the way to somewhere faraway but I didn't. Hehe.
Today, I am a little crazy. As if other days I am not being "crazy". :P

Since when I started being "crazy"? I was never a crazy person. I was a total opposite person once upon a time.

Why am I so "crazy"? Haha...must be my school or am I bored being a "normal" person?

Who cares...I like the new me...

Well, not everyone get to see the "crazy" me. Only some.

To the other some, I am still a serious, quiet person.


That's cute creature.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


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More schools are being closed down due to suspected H1N1. Many students are not coming to school. Many teachers are also not coming to school...........hehe...just kidding. I wish!

Let's see. Schools are being closed down in order that the flu will not continue to spread. Is that the reason why schools are being closed down for a week? If that is so, do you think it will work?

Students, teachers and staffs are supposed to stay at home and not go out, right?

But, do you think people would just stay at home when it's a week "holiday"?

Those suspected will still be quarantine and those who are "loose free" will still be out there, somewhere, anywhere.

Tell me now, how does all these closing down of a school/place really works?

The best of all is no replacement is required!!

Should all the schools nearby the "suspected" school be closed down as well?

It should because some of the students came in contact with each other in the school bus/bus/vans etc.

It should because ..... WE WANT A WEEK "HOLIDAY" TOO!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Everything is going round and round, again and again, repeating itself and here you go again.

Everything will soon change with new work "assignments" that comes with "DEADlines".

Everything is moving...slowing down when you wish it would move faster and speeding up when you wish everything will move slower.

Everything will soon comes to something...MISSION TRIPS....YAY!!! I come...and here I come again....!!!

PA ADANG... here I come again!!!

I have nothing great to offer you but all I have, I give to you.

I have no ideas but I have 2 hands.

I have no musical talents of a pro but I have fingers to strum and plug to make music good enough for soul.

I have no good quality of "speech" but I have voice that can tell you stories of old old times where once there was a man who died for you and me.

I have no leadership skills but I have legs to follow and hands to do.

I have nothing else but all I know, I have a HEART.

Above all, I have a Father who gave us this great commission....

Matthew 28:18-20 (New King James Version)

18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Is THE Day!

Today is the day my patience over flow...

Today is the day I EXPLODED!!!...

Today is the day I am so pissed off...

Today is the day I start to hate everything in my school...

Today is the day I have no mood at all...

Today is the day someone got scolded by me...

Today is the day I followed the stupid system of my school...

Today is the day where I feel like going somewhere far away from people...

Today is the day where I am so sick of everything...

Today is the day life sucks...

Today is the day because of yesterday...

So, Today is the day I need to ask for forgiveness...

And, Today is the day I am so sorry for what I did...

Today is the day I need to change for the sake of tomorrow...

Tomorrow shall be the day of not Today...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Begin Each Day with FULL glass...

Since "that day", I've not been in the mood of blogging but somehow I need to keep my blog alive, whether anyone is reading it or not. It's been an emotional time for me, so, inactive is my blog and active is my diary but happy are those who find my diary if I die one day and burnt with me the "memories" of mine if no one finds it.

Ok..back to unemotional stuff. Since I've mentioned it in my previous post about Full Glass. Let me give some little, short explanation about it. Might be from Dr. Low, might be from myself, I am not sure because, that's me. I tend to get the main point and create the rest of it myself. My brain works harder when listening to people talk because I need to get the main point and process the meaning of it based on my own understanding. Does not mean that I am not listening to you. Yes, I am listening but I need to simplify it according to my own understanding and standard.

The above is known as "mengarut". Now, back and back again to the main stuff.

Begin each day with full glass means before you start your day...basically in school or whatever your work, do something that you like or that will motivate you e.g. pray, quiet time, drink a cup of coffee, exercise, hot bath etc. Do not wake up, take your bath, brush your teeth and drag yourself to school and arrived school with a *sigh* and grumpy/sour face.

I used to drag myself to school and when I entered my school, it's like entering hell. The worst of life shall begin smile...thumb print my attendance with the stupid computerized "Thank you" and with some colleagues getting the stupid "Please try again". Walked out the staff room as fast as I could because I hated my school especially the office area and the staff room. Walked as fast as I could to get to my special education room and behold, "peace" for the rest of the day in school.

Then, I started changing because God reminded me of His purpose for me.

This is not "hell", this is where I sent you for the purpose of mission. This is your mission field. Mission field is a challenging place with many challenging people to face each day. Nobody said it's going to be easy but I will be with you. Fear not! I am in control of everything.

Everything changed.

School became more challenging, but He gave me the wisdom to see things differently. This is His school or rather this is still His choice of school for me. Not easy but not impossible as well.

People became more challenging, but He reminded me that He loves this people as much as He oves me. Just ignore them of what they say and do, as long as you know what you do is right in His sight and don't forget to pray for them. The more you hated them, the more you need to pray for them.

My prayer changed as well. I used to pray that God will change the heart of other people, but now, change my heart that I will have a heart. So that, I will learn to be patience, humble, to have humility and see the good in people rather than the worse in people. I learned to pray more positively and I learned to pray for students, teachers and most of all, the management of the school. It is not them, but rather the work of the evil, trying to confuse human's mind.

Every morning, I thank God that I have a place to work and serve Him and I am thankful that He is making use of me rather than me being a useless person to God, how sad.

I put a smile on my face, not by force but because He gave me joy in my heart, knowing that He is with me as I serve Him in this school. Apart from everything that is not so nice in school, I still have some beautiful and lovely colleagues, my cute, stubburn and testing my patience's students and most of all, the gift of Holy Spirit.

I look forward to teach Bible Knowledge every Friday. Ok, about this Bible Knowlegde thing. It shall be another story in my next post. I'm loving it each day. I can see how the Holy Spirit works here. It's wonderful for me, for the students (I hope). If not, saya yang syok sendiri.

So, by changing myself, I am starting to start my day with my glass FULL...and so that my students shall be FULL at the end of the day too. This is call...PASS IT ON!!

Thanks Angela for helping me keep my blog alive...I was very much thinking of burying my blog. Ok, maybe not forever but until I have the mood again...which I do not know how long. Months...years...decades...???

Friday, July 10, 2009

Teaching...For the TOUGH yet GENTLE!!!

This is just a reminder to me and all Christian teachers out there from the talk given by our dear speaker, Dr Low Guat Tin on 27th June 2009.

Her words touch the hearts of teachers who care to learn and be changed, for the sake of the education world, that in the end of the day, we would be able to give God all the glory due to Him.


Have a PASSION for will bring students and yourselves real far in life.

Get ready each day with a FULL GLASS... it will energize you and benefit the students because you are all ready with a good mood, a good attitude and all geared up to start the day.

FOCUS on the MAJOR things in life...let the minor be will not burn you out and keep the students out from the "smokes".
*(Alright, this is applicable to all school management as well...MAJOR the MAJOR...STOP trying to burnout teachers because we are lacking motivated teachers around nowadays due to higher authorities majoring the minors)

DO what you need to will save your brain of too much thinking on
"To do or not to do?".

Keep yourselves HEALTHY and stay PHYSICALLY FIT... it will save your money of visiting the doctors too often, helps you break the record of no sick leave every year and keep the money to help the poorer students.

STAY CONNECTED TO GOD...He will guide your ways and your students' way.