Thursday, June 18, 2015


Beautiful and magnificent
Painter of the skies
Never stop to amaze me
But this beauty
Lasted only a while
Before darkness sets in
And began the beauty of night sky

Is like life
At times, it can be
Beautiful and magnificent
But it will never last long
Before darkness of life sets it
Yet, if you see it carefully
You will realised
The same painter of the skies
Is also the painter of life
He will paint the darkness with beauty
Only if you realised

In all its beauty
Made me nostalgic
I thought I had a closure
But I cannot help
But to continue missing this land
I once called my 3rd home
Which is more home
Than my own hometown
I miss Miri
For you can take me out of Miri
But you can't take Miri out of me

I want to see you
If possible everyday
For you show me
What a vast world
I am living in
Life is more than
What I am going through
The main thing
You show me
That there is a Creator
If can paint such a magnificent skies
Will definitely be able to paint a beutiful life
For me
For us
For all
If not here
In eternity
A place I called my real home.

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