Monday, June 15, 2015

"Please Do Not Give Up"

By hook or by crook, please do not give up on life.
Because the day I give up on life,
Will be the day I give up on God.
Telling Him I do not trust Him anymore.
There is no reason to live and thus,
Do not lie to me about the purpose of life,
Of hope, because there isn't such a thing.

I did not asked to be born on this Earth,
So why should I secure my place in Heaven?
You brought me here,
You should be the one who needs to make sure I go there.
Life is harsh
Life is so unfair
Life sucks!

As for now,
I am still not giving up on life.
I may not have got the answer to every whys,
But I know that He who made me,
Will be with me till the end of it.

The past has passed.
What had happened, happened.
There is nothing I can do
To change what is passed.
Life is harsh, I don't deny.

Why do I need to live in the past?
What happened to me isn't that horrible,
That it should crush my today.
What I did was wrong but,
Today did no wrong to me.

I may not understand the purpose of living.
I may not understand anything.
Because this life is to be lived,
Not to be understood.
Even if I am a "zombie" for God,
So let it be!
He breathe life into me,
So, unto Him shall my breath belongs.

Until then,
"Please do not give up!", said Rev Lucy.

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