Sunday, July 12, 2015

Faith to See Beyond What I Can See

While I was so fed-up with life and everything that comes with it...there God gave me this song I found on YouTube and while I was learning how to sign it in ASL...suddenly I found God speaking to me through the song. He comforted me a lot....and that's how I am able to pull myself through this physically alone.

Let me share it...

It seems like there's so much to hope for
So many dreams I wish they all could come through
When I think about Your ways, Lord
It gives so much faith in all that You do

Faith to see beyond what I can see
Faith to know that You will do great things
I will trust You, Lord
I always believe
As I hold on to my faith
Jesus, You are holding on to me.

Many things I will not be able to understand. Many things will go on repeating itself. Many things will happen, be it good or bad and that's about it. It's all about God whom I believe in. The words from the songs echo what my heart should be be saying.

It's all about faith! It's that simple!

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