Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Of Dreams & Fate

Dear Hannah, Gareth Chase and Elyssa,

You were my dreams. You were supposed to exist here in the world but it never happened. It is just a matter of fate. I was not meant to have the three of you but I chose your name way before anything happened.

It was my dream to hold the three of you in my arms.

Though you may have never seen me and known me, I miss the three of you.

Though you may have never seen me and known me, I love the three of you...very much.

Though I may have never seen you and known you, I sort of dedicate your life to God because if ever I had the three of you, I know it would be the greatest gift of all from Above!

I know this sounded crazy but ...... the reality is......God may have His own reason for all this not or maybe never to happen in my life.

I miss you my darlings....Hannah, Gareth Chase and Elyssa!

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